Ice cream season is upon us

By Mir
April 25, 2014

I just found out that our local strawberry farm is open. This is good news for my stomach, but bad news for my wallet.

Once we’ve gone picking a few times, then it becomes a festival of strawberry everything, including strawberry ice cream and strawberry sorbet. Fortunately, I have this lovely Cuisinart ICE-30BC 2-quart ice cream maker to make it all very easy, and I love it. Unfortunately, that machine retails for $80. But today’s your lucky day—Home.Woot has refurbs today for just $39.99. If you’re in the market for an awesome automatic ice cream machine, this is a great unit and a fantastic price.

Even if you don’t like strawberry. (Is that possible? Do people not like strawberry…?)


  1. Yum! I’ve got a house of ice cream lovers here. When the machine is not in use, would it be easy to store in the garage? Or is it heavy / bulky and best left on the kitchen counter?

    • I leave mine in a cabinet when not in use; it’s big(ish) but not heavy. What’s heavy is the freezable insert (that has the chilling gel in it), and I leave that in our spare freezer so that it’s ready to go any time I want to use it. I think garage storage would be fine.

  2. I know a couple of people who are severely allergic to strawberries. So I don’t know if they like them or not, but the possibility of death puts them off… 🙂

  3. I think of you every time we make ice cream! I need to make room in my freezer for the bowl again. I wish I had an extra freezer. Hmm, maybe I should get one just for the bowl!

  4. Ick, strawberries! That is one of the few foods that I dislike purely for its taste and not for reasons of texture.

    We have an older model that you had a deal for several years ago (from Meijer, I think) that we purchased, and it’s still going strong. We love that thing, and it makes delicious ice cream!

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