Well that’s an adorable (and free) speaker!

By Mir
April 28, 2014

This is probably a mistake, but I was just able to order one, so we’ll see….

Amazon has these GOgroove Groove Pal Kid-Friendly Animal Speakers available right now for $14.99. But if you apply coupon code SAVEPALS it’ll deduct… $14.99! So it’s free, so long as you have Prime shipping.

There’s six different styles from which to choose. I assume there’s a decent risk of orders being canceled, but who knows? Worth a shot.


  1. Awesome! Got the cute owl one!

  2. Ordered! We shall see if it sticks!

    Thank you!

  3. Ordered the adorable panda! I’ve been wanting a speaker for a while now, and I’m not too worried about sound quality. If Amazon cancels my order…well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh? 🙂

  4. Ordered the owl too with email confirmation from amazon.

  5. I just ordered the owl… let’s hope it works!

  6. Thanks for that, I’m sure hoping it goes through, my kids & husband have been fighting me for my speaker! 🙂

  7. It still let me order one too. Got the cute owl. Now I won’t have to switch back and forth from the kitchen to the basement.

  8. LOL – ordered the penguin! In case anyone tries, you can only use the code once. Ahem.

  9. Wow, neat! Wouldn’t it be fun if they really send us each a free speaker?!

  10. It said the coupon code was expired 🙁

  11. Darn, the prices have gone up and the code says it is now expired. 🙁 Would have been cute for my desk since the girl won’t leave my regular speakers alone.

  12. I ordered penguin and got email confirmation

  13. Ordered mine an hour ago, hope it works because the price is now up to $30!

  14. The price is $29 now. Bummer.

  15. Got the panda and later decided to try to order the tiger on our second account (that I’d almost forgotten about.) By the time I updated our info, the code had expired. Should be getting the panda at least. Thanks!!

  16. Thanks! 🙂

  17. Well, it’s back down to $14.99, but the coupon is no longer valid. Someone caught on.

  18. Mine shipped! Wow.

    Thanks Mir.

    • I just checked; mine did, too! Yay!

    • Shipping confirmation! The early bird gets the… Panda, or owl, or whichever one you snagged!

  19. Mine shipped, I cant believe it!

  20. We got ours today! Considering the email went to my husband’s account, so I didn’t even know if it had confirmed, I was happily surprised. 🙂 And it works great, my kids are thrilled.

  21. my cute polar bear arrived today — thanks so much for the heads up! i’ve been wanting a speaker for the kitchen but couldn’t justify the cost right now. i think the free-ness makes it even cuter. 😉

  22. My panda arrived this morning. It’s super cute, and I agree with karen b. that the free-ness makes it cuter. 😀

  23. Got my owl today. Very cute. Now the question is, do I keep it for me or use as a gift….

  24. Ordered the owl and received it yesterday…super cute, works great and has a great battery life!

    Thanks Mir! I don’t post often, but I appreciate you often and all of my friends and most of my acquaintances know about your page. 🙂

    • You’re the prettiest. 🙂

  25. Received mine yesterday and stashing it away for Christmas…..which will be here before we know it! 🙂 thanks!!!!

  26. We received our owl on Wednesday too! THANK YOU! Happy kids, happy Mom. 🙂

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