Pack ’em with protein

By Mir
August 18, 2014

I love to bake for my kids. You might think this is because I’m a fantastic mother, but really it’s more that I just enjoy baking and also—let’s be honest, here—I’m a complete control freak. Baking my own stuff means I know exactly what’s in it. (Hint: HFCS is never one of my ingredients.)

I’m also a big fan of sneaky protein, and my favorite all-natural, unflavored one is currently available on a good deal at Amazon: This 2-pound canister of Jarrow whey protein is priced at $20.69, which is actually not bad, but there’s also a 10% off coupon you can clip, plus you can save up to another 20% if you purchase via Subscribe & Save and you have 5+ monthly items and you have Amazon Mom.

My order came out to just under $15, which is a great deal. A canister this size will last me a long time.

[Pssssst! If your next question is, “But Mir, what should I be sneaking this protein into for maximum kid happiness and nutrition on the sly?” I’m here for you. Check out my recipes for multigrain pancake mix and banana protein breakfast cookies if you need some ideas.]


  1. do you use this in smoothies too? I’ve always used the Designer Whey stuff for smoothies, in Vanilla, because I thought it added a little flavor to it.

    • I use the vanilla Designer Whey for smoothies for exactly that reason, mostly, but I prefer unflavored for baking, and if I’m out of the vanilla I can use this for smoothies, too—I just add a little agave and vanilla.

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