Back to the grind, back to the snacks

By Mir
September 22, 2014

Posting has been lagging here a bit for a while, I know. I’m sorry. (Did I tell y’all I took a Real Job*? I did, and I’m still figuring out the rhythm of handling various freelance stuff on the side.) Last week I neglected you very badly, because I was on a business trip to actually spend some time at the company I’ve been working with all these months, and it felt like saying, “Oh hey, cool story about our product build… hang on, I need to see if there are any deals on groceries I need to post” would’ve been in poor taste.

But hey, now I’m home. In deep appreciation for all I do and how hard I work, my children treated me like a queen this morning as I tried to get back into the regular routine. “Moooooooom!” they called. “Where are my socks?” “Moooooooom!” another hollered. “Is my lunch ready?” Truly, they spoil me.

As I packed up lunches today I saw that we’re almost out of Popcorners, their new favorite crunchy lunch-bag snack. Last time I bought Kettle flavor (a little salty, a little sweet) and the kids (and I) really like it, but those weren’t available from Amazon on a great deal today, so instead I just placed an order for the 40-case of White Cheddar Popcorners. At just $12.22 shipped (I’m up to 20% off on my Subscribe & Save items this month), that works out to about $.31/bag, and that’s not even mentioning how you can’t put a price on happy teenagers.

*If you haven’t already checked out Happier, consider this your invitation. If a grumpy cynic like me loves it (I do!), you know it must be awesome.


  1. Wishing you all best in the new gig and thanks for being here, too — always appreciate your great tips and heads-ups! Snagged many a deal thanks to you!

  2. Congrats on the new gig! I’m sure it’s a whole new juggling act. Love your deals – even infrequently. This one is PERFECT. I have been struggling with lunch additions. Thanks!

  3. i hope that J.O.B. is grateful for how pretty you are! And funny! You are a rock start!!!! And we miss you! Ü

  4. PS. Would you mind putting in your vacation request for day after thanksgiving?!?!?!? to satisfy MY needs? How am I gonna get thru Christmas without you!?!??!? Ü

    • Oh, I’ll be here for holiday shopping, pinky swear. No worries!

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