This is when I confess to being horrible

By Mir
September 30, 2015

If you have delicate sensibilities and don’t enjoy crude humor, this would be a good time to go read something else and continue pretending that I’m a morally upstanding person. If you enjoy being a bit bawdy on occasion, however, come sit next to me, because my favorite game in the whole wide world is Cards Against Humanity, whose tagline is “a party game for horrible people.” (Unfamiliar with it? It’s basically Apples to Apples with a twisted sense of humor.) Those of you who love CAH know that it hardly ever goes on any sort of sale.

Well, today the Amazon Gold Box bonus Deal of the Day is 20% off all things CAH. Get the original deck for $20 instead of $25, or pick up any of the expansions for $8 instead of $10.

This deal allows you to save a little money so that you have enough left over to buy this case to store all your cards in. (I know, I know. Look, I told you I’m a horrible person.)


  1. I had to laugh because I gave this to my best friend a couple years ago, and her son kept saying ‘is she really your friend? Does she think you are horrible? If she things you are horrible, I don’t think she’s your friend.’

    • That’s hilarious!!

      We brought our deck on an extended-family vacation when my daughter was 16, and suggested playing it one night with her (she loves it) and after a few rounds my stepbrother was all, “I… don’t think I can keep playing this with a child. I feel dirty.” LOL!

      • Similar situation here, played it with the neighbors last year and they brought their 18 year old, who we have known since she was 7. It was…awkward.

        • See, I guess I really am a horrible person. I love playing with the kids.

          • I’m worst of all, I let my 10 y.o. witness a recent game.

  2. any suggestions for which expansion sets are the best? My college son has the original and I’m thinking of getting him one expansion set and getting a game set and different expansion for the 16 yo.
    I haven’t tried playing it with my kids, but I know when they have been playing with friends, they get very quiet when I walk through the basement.

    • I don’t know that any of the expansions are better than others. Until today we only had the original deck, so I just picked up 1 and 2 figuring we will slowly acquire them all.

  3. We let our 16-year-old play but make our younger two go do something else while playing. BEST GAME EVER!!! I wind up laughing so hard my cheeks hurt!

  4. Would it be wrong to open the expansion packs and stuff stockings with the cards?

    • If that’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

  5. My husband and I played with our two adult sons and their girlfriends. I never laughed so much! I always blamed my husband for my sons’ outlooks on life. But after playing with them, I found that they are possibly more like ME than their dad.

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