Carpet scrubbing: almost fun

By Mir
November 20, 2015

I have two dogs. Have I mentioned that I have two dogs? I do. They’re delightful. And rotten. Also I have two children, and they are also both delightful and rotten. I offer this as preamble to why I own a carpet scrubber. (Just to be clear, the children, at least, don’t decide to poop on the carpet when it’s raining out….)

So I noticed that one of the Amazon Gold Box deals today is this Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge for $75, and because Amazon helpfully gives you a link when you’ve already purchased a product, it let me know that I bought this very machine three years ago. The current price is $75 (today only), and I paid $76 three years ago, so I’m going to say this is a pretty good deal.

Mine is still going strong, and every few months I take it out and clean all the carpets and marvel at the grossness of the water in the “used” chamber. (See above; dogs and kids.) At $75, it’s cheaper than renting a machine for an afternoon, and you’ll have years of amazement at just how disgusting your family truly is.

(Hoover should totally hire me to write their ad copy. I have a way with words.)


  1. Mir, you’ve never steered me wrong yet (and I think I’ve been reading you almost as long as you’ve been writing)–so I just bought the carpet cleaner I didn’t even realize I needed. We moved this summer from a house with all wood floors to one that’s carpeted on two of its levels. With two boys aged 10 and 7, I’m already seeing the signs that a carpet cleaner will be a worthwhile investment. Plus, I’m looking forward to seeing their amazed eyes when I show them the blech that appears in the “used” chamber. Everything’s a science experiment around here!

    • We are sloooooowly replacing carpet with wood and laminate, but for where we still have carpet, I am always glad to have the scrubber on hand.

  2. Gah, noooooo! I really did need this, and I missed it. Grrrr. I’ll have to keep an eye on it, now that I have a recommendation for a specific one.

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