Everybody needs toothpaste

By Mir
December 1, 2015

Lovely and alert reader Jen emailed to point out that today at Target, they’re offering 25% off a ton of health/beauty items with coupon code BEAUTY, which can also then be stacked with 10% off coupon code SHINE. Shipping is currently free.

As a delicate flower who requires toothpaste for sensitive teeth—the same toothpaste that always seems to be excluded from regular sales—I am all over this one. Plus Santa always brings toothbrushes for stockings, dontchaknow.

(Yeah, I’m a little excited about oral hygiene. It’s possible I need to get out more.)


  1. And don’t forget- you can get an additional 5% with your RedCard from Target- that’s a total of 40% off some items. 🙂

  2. It’s also a great time to stock up and donate to shelters and other programs that are always looking for toiletries! I saved BIG today for our campus drive!

    • Excellent idea and you are looking super-pretty today, Erin!

  3. Than you this was a great deal!

  4. Deal of the century on Aquaphor. There was an additional 10% off on that item, plus a $5 gift card for purchasing two (select) skin care items (I got two Aquaphors). Plus 5% red card discount, plus BEAUTY and SHINE codes… Got two tubs of moisturizer for less than the price of one. Muchas gracias, Mir!

  5. Shame on me for not checking Want Not yesterday! I need a bunch of stuff for donations, Will be staying tuned for the next one!

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