If you’ve been wanting a Ninja…

By Mir
December 17, 2015

… today is the day to nab a deal.

I’m referring to the Ninja Cooking System, of course, my favorite cooking apparatus. I own five slow cookers (don’t judge me; I use them all!) and the Ninja is far and away the most versatile one. I use it at least twice a week and sometimes more. (Hello, my name is Mir, and I’m a Ninja addict.)

Anyway! Today at Home.Woot they have reconditioned Ninjas for just $69.99. That’s… crazy cheap. (There are a zillion different model numbers and I’m not seeing this exact one at Amazon, but the cheapest I see at Amazon is $100 on sale.)

Choose from four colors (fancy!) and also, today only, pay via Amazon and you’ll save an additional 10%! That’ll take care of your shipping and a couple bucks, besides. Arrives in time for Christmas, too.


  1. YASSSSS! Thanks, Mir!

  2. The slow cooker I received from my grandpa for my wedding in 1992 has a broken leg, but I keep using it. Nostalgia hasn’t let me replace it. I’m getting the Ninja now, but will keep my broken leg cooker, too, so that I can be 2/5 like you, Mir! 🙂 I do see how two will be useful once in a while!

  3. What does “reconditioned” mean in this case? Used, broken and repaired, returned?

    • It might, Sonia, or it may be from a batch that had reported issues and many were reworked before they were ever sold. When you buy reconditioned/refurbished you can expect a unit in like-new condition.

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