The hold-it-all backpack

By Mir
January 14, 2016

For years and years, I was a fan of buying backpacks only from Lands’ End or LL Bean, on account of their unconditional guarantee. Their bags are great, don’t get me wrong, but as the kids grew and needed to carry more stuff, they just weren’t quite… right.

Now both of my kids carry High Sierra Fat Boys, and have for years. They hold… just about everything. They’re relatively ergonomic (even when loaded up), have tons of compartments, and have held up well. So when I spotted this Lightning Deal on one for just $12.97 I knew I had to let you know—that’s crazy cheap for this bag. (I think I got ours for around $20-$25 on sale, but the normal retail on the patterned ones tends to be around $35-$45.)

This one may not be your favorite color/pattern, but chances are good some of the other options will cycle through the Lightning Deals later today or tomorrow, too. Worth keeping an eye on, if you’re in the market for a big-kid pack. Ours will be going to college with the kids, and are worth way more than twelve bucks!


  1. So strange… can’t add to cart on either smartphone or laptop. Interestingly, Amazon will allow me to purchase a full priced one in a different color. Looks like a great deal, though!

  2. Same problem for me. Cannot add the $12.97 pack to my cart.

  3. Mandy, Amazon let me add it from the Lightning Deal page, but not from the page linked to in the post.

    Mir, I was JUST looking at my son’s backpack at the bus stop this morning thinking he really needs a new one. You are in my head. 🙂

    • Was just coming back to say that it looks like if you go straight to the Lightning Deals, you can add it from there. That’s so weird!

      • Trawled through 9 pages of Lightning Deals and can’t find it. :/

  4. Just ordered, thank you Mir!

  5. I couldn’t get the Add to Cart button to do anything in Chrome or Firefox, but finally got it to go in Safari. Thanks! If Nate doesn’t like the colors, I’ll keep it for myself.

  6. I couldn’t get it to work either and asked the chat help person and they had me delete cookies which did nothing. I eventually just opened internet explorer and it worked on that. So strange!

  7. Same thing happened to me; when I went to the page, I couldn’t add it to my cart. Went back to the lightning deal page and found it there, and was able to add it to my cart from there. Great deal–thanks Mir!

  8. I had the same trouble adding it from the product page, but was able to add it from the Lightning Deals page! Thanks for the heads-up: I have a teenager who managed to break the strap of his backpack riiiiiiiight after all the clearance backpacks were out of the stores.

  9. so bummed i missed this deal

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