“Summer Ship” = savings right now

By Mir
April 14, 2016

Do not ask me to explain this—I try not to look gift horses in the mouth, even when they confuse me—but right now Amazon is offering a number of their groceries items with an additional 50% off at checkout if they fall under their “Summer Ship” category. What does that mean? I suspect it means “these are items we tend not to sell during the summer because they melt, so we’re trying to reduce inventory right now before that happens,” but that’s just a guess.

Regardless, I just picked up a case of 36 full-size 3 Musketeers bars for $12.23 shipped, which is nuts. (That’s one case of candy for band concessions taken care of before we even have our first rehearsal of the season.) And 18 packages of white-chocolate-covered Snyder’s pretzels? Well that’s on its way here for just $6.30. (Guess who’s going to be taking a case of pretzels to college…?) I can’t seem to find any sort of centralized location for the items which are half off, but poke around. Eligible items say “Save 50% each on Summer Ship offered by Amazon.com when you purchase 1 or more” under the “Special Offers and Product Promotions” section of the page (kind of in the middle).

Happy hunting!


  1. The Snyder’s pretzels look delicious but they are coming up as $12.54 for me (even at checkout). 🙁 Oh well, thank you for posting it anyway!

    • That one had another coupon, and S&S, too! Great find!!

  2. Think those will keep for Halloween? I could be the really cool mom for a change? (What do you mean no?)

    • Yes and yes! (Don’t forget that if you receive something with a very short expiration date you can contact customer service and they will usually refund your purchase price.)

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