One of the best for family game night

By Mir
May 23, 2016

If you’re looking for a game to add to your family game night collection (assuming you are not, like my family, so sick and twisted that all the kids ever want to play is Cards Against Humanity…), look no further than Ticket To Ride for an hour of strategy from a 5-star-reviewed board game.

And if you’re looking to get it for a lot less than usual, today’s the day for that: Target has it for $27.59 with free shipping, and Amazon dropped their price to match (this makes it its lowest price ever). If you have a Red Card, Target’s the place to buy it, and if don’t but you have Prime, Amazon’s probably the way to go. Either way, you’re on your way to a fun night of gaming for anyone age 8+.

And unlike family game night at my house, no one will need to pull out the Urban Dictionary app to clarify. Ahem.


  1. I fear it is too late for your children, but a clean game along the lines of Cards Against Humanity is PickWits. Though, with our minds, we can still make it dirty.

    • In fairness, we did start with Apples to Apples, but they grow up (and gross) so fast….

  2. Yeah! I’ve been wanting that one for a while but the price tag kept putting me off. Thanks, Mir! You so pretty today. 🙂

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