Pick your Dirt Devil

By Mir
August 30, 2016

Longtime readers know I am a fan of quality and durability over simply “cheap;” to me, it’s worth the extra money to get the right item. On the other hand, there are times when I’m good with simply cheap—clothing small children will outgrow, snack food about which I feel ambivalent (ha!)—and that’s okay, too.

I have recommended (and linked to) this Dirt Devil Simpli-Stick vacuum multiple times already, I know, because I think it’s the best compromise around in terms of bang-for-your-buck and being small but mighty. Do I recommend it as your only vacuum? Of course not! But is it perfect for quick kitchen clean-ups or your kid’s dorm room? Absolutely. This is the vacuum I bought for my kid’s dorm. Right now it’s listed at $16.88 with an available $2 coupon to clip, so it’s about what I paid for hers.

But I also just noticed that if you want to go, say, another level up from there, the Dirt Devil Vibe vacuum—similar to the Simpli-Stick, but this one also has a powered brush roll—has that same $2 coupon, which means you can get it for $23. Is it $8 better than the other one? I can’t say for sure, but I’m in the process of accumulating dorm stuff for the other kid, and given that he will actually vacuum on a regular basis, I’m thinking I’ll spring for this one.


  1. Mir, where would one find the coupon on Amazon? I’m not seeing it. Thanks in advance!

    • Ack! Sorry, Jean, just seeing this now. Coupons typically appear either in the upper right of the column right next to the price and/or in the center of the page under “Special Offers.” More and more I think Amazon is doing targeted coupons (just for Prime members, or just for some other subset) and so sometimes I don’t realize I’m getting a coupon that not everyone may see.

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