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By Mir
September 22, 2016

kindnotes-ldI think I mentioned this here once before, but the folks at KindNotes were kind enough (see what I did there?) to send me a sample, a while back, and left it with my girlchild in her dorm as a surprise for after we left. She loves it. What could be nicer than your own personal jar of encouragement and affirmation?? Especially when it comes in such a pretty package.

Right now Amazon is running a Lightning Deal on the Colorful Turquoise Splash set of KindNotes, and with $10 off and free shipping, this is a no-brainer for anyone you adore. Get it as a thank-you, get it as a “thinking of you,” get it as a “you’re really hard to buy for but I knew you’d love this,” just go ahead and get it. The tiny, beautiful envelopes alone are worth the money.

[Edited to add: Looks like a few other options are on sale, as well. Click around to see.]


  1. That was fast. Apparently the Lightning Deal has ended!

  2. I bought one when you posted the deal. A few days later they emailed asking me to leave a review, and they would send me a $10 Amazon gift card. I reviewed, they sent the gift card… So basically $20 off. Score! Thank you Mir!

    • Wow, even better! Nice!!

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