Don’t say it

By Mir
November 21, 2016

One of my favorite party games is on sale at Amazon at an all-time-low price (reminiscent of the December markdowns we used to see—I wonder if they’re starting early this year??): Snap up Taboo for just $7.80!

If you’ve never played, basically the goal is to get your team to say a word without using a list of prohibited words to evoke the target word. So maybe the word is marriage, but you can’t say wedding, bride, etc. It sounds easy, but if you want to get to know your friends in a whole new way (I will never forget playing with a church group—including the pastor—when I was barely an adult, and someone was trying to get us to say “soulmates” and said “Mir and her boyfriend are…” and someone screamed out “Lovers!” At a church group with the pastor. Good times!), this is the game to have on hand.

At this price, grab one for the gift closet even if you don’t have anyone in mind just yet.


  1. Is this appropriate for, say, tweens? Or is it naughty?

    • It’s definitely not naughty—the words you’re trying to get to are regular things—but I see they have it listed as 13+, perhaps because it requires extensive vocabulary. I’m pretty sure we played it with my kids from about age 9-10 or thereabouts.

  2. I’ve been wanting to get an updated one! We have a super old one which we play all the time with friends! Thanks for this update!!

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