In case you need a global health crisis in time for Christmas

By Mir
December 22, 2016

Listen, I love tabletop gaming as much as the next nerd, but even I think that anything with “pandemic” in the title is a little creepy as a Christmas gift. But hey, you do you. If your family wants to get down celebrating via fending off mutated germs, more power to you.

All of this is to say that right now, Amazon has lowered the price on both Pandemic Legacy Blue and Pandemic Legacy Red to just $39.98 (lowest ever), and either one will arrive in time for Christmas.

I know—your next question is “What’s the difference?” And I have an answer for you: the color. (No, really. That’s it. User preference; the games are identical.)

Reviews average 5 stars and apparently there are plenty of people out there really jazzed about global germ warfare. I obviously still have mixed feelings.


  1. But which one is better? I’ve actually been watching this game for a while for my disaster-obsessed kids.

    • They’re really the same, according to the comments. Which color do they like better?? 🙂

  2. The two games are exactly identical except for the color of the box. This is an awesome crazy game with rules that change during play and you even destroy certain game pieces so if you will have an issue with that, get the normal Pandemic game. The reason they have two colors is because there are like 20 game plays that you do in order and the results of prior games affect all the rest. You need to play with the same group each time and some people use both versions to keep track of which group is playing which box.

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