Cool down for under $10

By Mir
June 12, 2017

It’s rare that I get to highlight a deal on a product that I not only 1) bought and 2) love, but which I’ve had for years. And the best part for you is that the price is now way lower than it was when I initially bought it (on sale, of course).

So: If you need a compact fan, and you’re not quite ready to spend the bucks on a Vornado, go grab this Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator for just $9.26 at Amazon today (its lowest price ever). I paid $15 for ours just about three years ago, and one of my kids runs it every single night. It’s still going strong, and it’s quiet, too. Definitely a fan favorite.

(Get it? Get it?? I’ll be here all week, folks.)


  1. I bought this fan last year on your recommendation, and it is one of my favorite things I’ve ever bought. I LOVE it. I’m buying another one right now.

  2. Thanks Mir! We have a Vornado but want to compare.

    • Got it yesterday great buy Mir you are so very pretty!

      It was larger than my Vornado and the lowest setting is pretty quiet. It has three settings where my Vornado has two. Lastly, this was 1/3 of the cost of the Vornado!

  3. Thanks, Mir! How clever of you to provide just what I wanted just when I wanted it, and on sale, too!

    You’re still the prettiest!

  4. Just got one for the office. I am a fan of this fan favorite. Thanks!!

  5. My eldest just moved out and was saying he misses the ceiling fan from his room. He can’t install a ceiling fan in his place so I’ll send this his way. Great price and timing! Thanks.

  6. Got, I like very much, for my kitchen-no ceiling fan. It’s bigger than expected. But, I am known for not figuring out size (dimensions) before purchasing. Just bought a tart pan (Amazon) thought it would be loaf pan size: it’s 2″x3″ or the size of a credit card! 😜

    • But think of the ADORABLE tiny tarts you can make in it! 😉

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