A tale of fancy headphones

By Mir
December 18, 2017

Once upon a time, my audiophile husband became convinced that he needed some super-fancy noise-canceling headphones. As someone who finds the earbuds that came with my phone perfectly sufficient, I was skeptical. But at some point I redeemed a bunch of Discover Cashback to make said headphones an affordable gift, and he got them for either his birthday or Christmas and was thrilled.

In fact, he raved about them constantly. He especially went on and on about how amazing they were for flying. The noise-canceling, he said, was a complete game-changer. “I don’t feel tired when we land. I think it’s because I can’t hear the droning of the engines the whole time.” I remained skeptical, but as the headphones in question had cost $300 or so, I was glad he was happy with them. And then… I had to fly somewhere. And he lent me the headphones.

Y’all. I’m still perfectly happy with earbuds for listening to music on a walk, or whatever. But you put these headphones on your head on a plane and turn the noise-canceling switch on and it goes completely silent. I don’t even necessarily listen to anything when I use them on a plane—I sometimes just use the noise-canceling so I don’t have to listen to everything else. You have no idea how loud it is on a plane until you’ve used these headphones to make it quiet.

The magic device in question is the Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, and as Bose has gone through several more iterations since they first came out, the good news is that they’re down to just $170 at Amazon, now (their lowest price ever). [Edited to add: Amazon has now matched Best Buy’s price, so buy it there or at Best Buy. Thanks for the heads up, Amy!] Still crazy expensive, but let me remind you that I paid $300 for my husband’s. But, the even better news is that today’s Best Buy Doorbusters features these headphones at just $150.

If you want a great deal on comfortable noise-canceling headphones that really work, this is the deal to beat.


  1. These are the same price ($149.99) on Amazon today, too!

    • They just changed it! Post has been modified.

  2. Thanks! These will be an awesome gift for my husband!

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