Listen up (with over-ear headphones)

By Mir
February 13, 2018

Earbuds are convenient—they’re small, and you can tuck a set in your purse or pocket—but personally I don’t want to stick something in my ears for longer than a few minutes. If I’m going to listen to music for a while or be on a long call, I’d much rather wear headphones. I find them more comfortable than jamming plastic directly into my ear canals, and I think they do a better job of blocking ambient noise, too.

That said, high-end headphones can be ridiculously pricey, and while I hesitate to spend that kind of money on myself, I for sure don’t want to spend that kind of money on my kids (who—even as college students—manage to break every pair of headphones or earbuds in about a year). Enter this deal on Artix foldable headphones with inline microphone that Amazon has right now: At about $16 and with an average 4.3-star review (at over 800 reviews), that’s not too bad. But apply coupon code LOGJ7IUZ to the blue, pink, or purple ones, and your total will be just $8.50, which is ridiculous. (The turquoise and orange ones are excluded.) Not only do they work with all your favorite devices, they can fold up for easy storage, and the cord is a tangle-and-breakage-resistant nylon to avoid the pesky “oh I dunno, these were stuffed in my backpack all year, I have no idea why the wire broke” blues.

Bear in mind that these will not be suitable for adults with large noggins, but it looks like for older kids or smallish adults they’re definitely a bargain.


  1. Speaking of Amazon…have you checked out their Treasure Truck? Thought maybe you’d like to do a post about it! It’s pretty cool! I haven’t gotten anything yet (it comes to my area in Tampa) but I have a few friends who have and it’s a lot of fun!

    • Hasn’t come anywhere near me (yet) but I think it’s an interesting idea. What did your friends get??

      • yesterday was Godiva chocolates and flowers and another day they got a big box of sliders. and apparently when you go to the truck, it’s a big party!

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