Need a laptop backpack for under $20?

By Mir
April 3, 2018

Personally, my approach these days is to buy my college kids one last backpack—and for that reason, I spring for a lifetime-guarantee one—and call it a day. But if you can’t afford to shell out for a top-of-the-line, we’ll-fix-it-forever bag, don’t fret. There are plenty of great options available for cheap.

For example: Amazon has this Luxur 37 Laptop Backpack available for just $30, which is already a pretty good deal for a roomy waterproof pack with padded sleeves for your devices and a nifty little charging portal which allows you to plug in to the built-in charging cord without removing your computer from the bag. I mean, it only has a one-year warranty and it’s not a big-name brand, but the reviews are excellent. At $30 I might consider it.

But you know we can do better, right? Apply coupon code PPB7ACDC for an additional 40% off; the bag I’d consider at $30 is a complete no-brainer at just $18. Buy it for your favorite college student. Buy it to use as your carry-on on your next flight. Buy it for whatever, because I don’t think you’re going to find a better bag at this price point.


  1. Thanks! I ordered it for my 10-year-old. We just gave her a laptop for her birthday, and she’s been using my monster backpack that must weigh 20 lbs all by itself.

  2. Speaking of backpacks, my daughter loves the fatboy I got her based on a previous recommendation. As far as that goes, you’ve never steered me wrong in the backpack department!

    • ^^Nancy, I agree. We love the fatboy I got based off Mir’s previous recommendation. And speaking of recommendations – Mir, what is the lifetime warranty bag you’ve gotten for your kids? Please and Thank you! Chris

      • Awwww, I like you both! Chris, in answer to your question, my daughter did her own research and went with a Jansport Trans (not terribly expensive, because I ended up having her buy her own bag in part because she left a banana in the bottom of her trusty Fatboy for months and we ended up just throwing it away—and a good thing, because she has since switched to a messenger bag). I did the research and purchasing for my son, and he ended up with an Osprey Cyber, which was the most expensive backpack I’ve ever purchased (though I did find a great deal over the MSRP). However, we had a long list of requirements for this bag (which the Osprey met), and after just one summer of use we discovered a defect, so sent it back for repair. They sent us a brand new one. So, hopefully worth the money. Also, he could take this pack on a job interview because it looks like a grown-up bag rather than the more fun-looking bags he’s had in the past. The hope is that this is the bag he carries well into actual adulthood.

  3. I picked up the Amazon Basics Premium Backpack for laptops back on Prime Day last year for like $13. It’s actually pretty awesome. More pockets than I have stuff to put in them. (Looks like its non-Prime Day price is also $29.99.)

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