Cheap eyeglasses just got cheaper

By Mir
May 22, 2019

It was many, many moons ago when I first ordered a whole mess of glasses in the name of science and then came back here and told you about them. (11 years ago! Time sure does fly when you are old and tired, I tell you what.) Since then, Zenni Optical has only gotten better—more options, faster shipping, great customer service (I had a pair with an issue and they replaced it for me), and even the occasional coupon code. My entire family wears glasses from Zenni. (They now have a Pride collection with 100% of proceeds from those frame sales going to the It Gets Better Project, which really sealed the deal for me.)

Anyway! Whether you need spares, some new sunglasses, readers—oh, and do upgrade to the Blue Blockers for your computer glasses (I just got mine a few months ago and I love them)—anything at all in glasses-land, you will love them. And right now, you can save 20% with coupon code FRIENDS20.

I don’t need new glasses, but with the 20% off… well… I’m sure I can find something….


  1. How did I not know that about Zenni! It just so happens to be time for my eye exam, so this is great, thanks!

  2. Never heard of them, bound to be a favorite!!!

  3. I have always wondered about ordering eye glasses online. What if they need adjusted?

    • Oh yikes, I just saw this comment! Apologies for the late response, but just in case: any optical shop will adjust any pair of glasses for you. I’ve walked into a store with my Zenni frames and had them adjusted before, if necessary.

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