“Need” is a strong word

By Mir
November 9, 2020

Look, I’m not saying anyone necessarily needs a 20-pack case of Toblerone, I’m just saying that it’s currently priced at $28 with a clippable $8.33 coupon (I love those random numbers Amazon comes up with), and Toblerone is the bomb. If you have a lot of stockings to stuff or, hey, just a lot of feelings to eat (I don’t judge!), this is a great deal.

Last year someone (who I am married to) put a giant Toblerone bar in my stocking and it may have been my favorite gift of the season. So I’m a little biased. But also: Toblerone. (It’s even fun to say!)


  1. I’m still working on my sale Halloween candy, so I definitely don’t need them, but gosh, I do love Toblerone. I wonder how long they’d be at all fresh?

    • They’re all individually foil sealed so I’d think a while, but I cannot claim to have ever waited long enough to find out for sure.

  2. Thank you, I bought it!! What’s funny is JUST LAST NIGHT it was brought to my attention that no one in my household except me had ever HAD a Toblerone, so I’d added it to my shopping list for Christmas stockings—and now I have enough for everyone’s stocking plus can include some in Christmas boxes to other relatives!

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