Heads up, holiday bakers!

By Mir
November 12, 2020

I, personally, have been stuck at home doing entirely too much baking ever since the pandemic began, but perhaps you—smarter, and more restrained, than me—have been waiting for the holidays to get baking. Either way, I regularly toss my baking staples into my Amazon cart and “save for later” so that I get an alert when one has dropped in price. Today, finally, the 16-ounce McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract has dropped to its lowest price in a year. Right now it’s a Daily Deal at $24.61, or even less if you buy it on Subscribe & Save. (If you haven’t bought vanilla in a while this probably seems expensive, but the price of vanilla rose sharply in this past year, and this is the best deal I’ve seen.)

You probably know I am a huge Penzey’s Spices fan and with their numerous sales, I patronize them as often as possible. Their vanilla is better than this, it’s true. It’s also much more expensive, and I find the McCormick perfectly suitable for baking just about anything which calls for vanilla. I pick up a bottle whenever it drops in price like this. After all, it’s nearly time to start making pies.

(The fact that all my clothes seem to have shrunk lately is a coincidence, I’m sure.)


  1. I remember when I used to buy the big bottle of real vanilla extract for $10 at the grocery store! Now $10 gets me 2 ounces! Thanks for the heads-up—I bought this immediately.

  2. Costco has theirs (not this brand) for 21$ atm. Best price in a looong time!! Btw Thank you so much for the Home Depot ladders…not available for 3 days…kept trying-bingo-got 2!! Much appreciated, lovely lady. ??

    • We had a Costco membership for a while (had to drive an hour to the closest one) and I think the thing I miss the most is their vanilla! (Glad you got the ladders, too!)

  3. My smiley face emoji turned into question marks…?-there‚Äôs no questioning your loveliness!

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