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Whether you’re doing holidays or basics

Just a quick FYI, if you haven’t noticed: Through the holidays (one assumes), Target is offering free shipping on every order, regardless of the amount.

That means you can hop on over there and take advantage of the current LEGO sale, and/or you can just stock up on snacks. Whatever. Plus if you spend $50+ on qualifying Home items, you can save an additional $10 with coupon code DECOR. If you are a neurotic forward-planner like me, this is a good time to start buying dorm stuff, because 1) it’s on sale and 2) no one else is shopping for it right now. (Hey, my youngest is leaving for college in 10 months. It’s not weird that I’m shopping for that. Stop looking at me.) You’ll also save an extra $10 off your $50+ food/beverage purchase automatically, or $25+ off your qualifying $100+ luggage/airbed purchase with code TRAVEL.

I’m a little bit petty, too, so sometimes when they go to free shipping like this, I do things like order a single packet of paperclips. Listen, we have to entertain ourselves as best we can.

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Heads up, Kindle users

So, if you’ve been buying Kindle books at Amazon over the last few years, today may be a fun day for you: Apple just settled an antitrust lawsuit via refunds to Amazon customers who bought relevant Kindle titles.

How do you know if you got some money? Go check your Amazon gift card balance to see if you’ve got credit. If you’re a big Kindle purchaser, chances are excellent you’ve now got money to spend (and it needn’t be on books).


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It’s my favorite way to Get More

If you have a Discover card, don’t forget to check out your quarterly opportunity to Get More—every three months you can activate an added Cashback Bonus on certain categories. Signups for July – September are now open, and you’ll earn 5% on up to $1,500 worth of purchases at Home Improvement stores and Amazon.

Extra cashback at Amazon?? If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up.

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The Want Not Review: Parent Hacks

Are you a parent? Do you follow Parent Hacks? Pretty much everything Asha Dornfest does is brilliant, and I am forever wishing her site had been around when my kids were tiny, because every tip she offers is both simple and genius. I mean… turn the bread the other way ’round to disguise the fact that you’re making a sandwich with the loaf heels and not have your kid complain? Okay, fine, maybe that’ll work on my teenagers, too.

parent-hacksNow Asha’s taken the best tips from the last 10+ years and put them into a best-selling book, perfect for your own use or as the newest parenting bible to give to new parents. She covers everything from MacGyver-esque baby-proofing to how to get the gunk out of the corners of the cupholders in your van. And yes, you will be shaking your head and saying Why didn’t I think of that?? as you read. At the same time, the quick-tip format and fun illustrations make this perfect for a busy parent to read on the go or in-between toddler tantrums.

When I was pregnant (you know, back in the Stone Age), we had What to Expect When You’re Expecting (which pretty much convinced me—mid hormonal-craziness—that eating anything other than organic whole grains and vegetables was tantamount to poisoning my baby outright) and The Girlfriend’s Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood (which was funny, but hard to read with an infant screaming at me 24/7). Parent Hacks is the book I wish I’d had, back then.

I have a copy of Parent Hacks to give away to a Want Not reader! Get it for yourself, get it for your favorite expectant or new parent, win this one and buy six copies for your friends, whatever. If you want to win it, first go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 am Eastern (that’s 5:00 am Pacific) on Friday, April 15th, 2016. The winner will be selected via my WordPress random-winner-picker-plugin-thingie (technical term).

Ready? Go!

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If you need a sewing machine (plus a bonus tip)…

… Amazon’s doing a Deal of the Day on this Brother XM2701 Lightweight, Full-Featured Sewing Machine for just $74.99 (its lowest price ever). At 4.5 stars with over 300 reviews, you could do a lot worse.

Now: Will it be the perfect sewing machine for a veteran looking to do heavy use? Probably not (though it might surprise you), but it would be a great first machine for a tween/teen or even an occasional-use machine for an adult newbie. When my daughter asked for a sewing machine a few years back, I got her an earlier iteration of this model, and she uses it quite a bit and it’s still working great. (As in, it’s produced numerous projects, from stuffed animals to an entire quilt.)

And here’s the bonus tip, good on this sewing machine or something else, if you qualify: Amazon is offering a promotion for Prime members who also have a linked Discover Cards where you can use code DISC16EVER to save $15 on a qualifying purchase (Amazon must be the seller) when you pay with your available Cashback Bonus. Note: This offer is only valid for customers who have never paid with Cashback before. Why? I have no idea. But I tested it and it took my price on this machine down to just $59.99. (Of course, I don’t need a sewing machine, so now I’m going to go shop for something else. But still….)

Go forth and save. And sew. Or both!

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Some site downtime coming up

Don’t panic, but due to a server migration, Want Not will be offline for a bit this weekend. It’ll be back, better/stronger/faster than before, so don’t freak out if you can’t connect for a day or two.

Thanks for your patience!

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Time for a family movie?

Christmas is almost here, and if you’re not ready yet, well, good luck today.

Once everyone is home and cuddled up in front of the fire air-conditioning, you might want to enjoy a movie together. That’s cool. Through January 4th, pick a flick from Amazon Instant Video and get 75% off the rental price (either SD or HD) with coupon code MOVIE75OFF. Just click on the More Purchase Options link (just under the Rent/Buy buttons) to enter your code.

Code works once per account, so choose your movie carefully.

Also? Have a wonderful holiday.

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Make space, without space bags

You know those fancy “space bags” you hook up to your vacuum cleaner and they do things like make all your spare pillows and blankets shrink down to the size of a pancake? Those are kind of cool, but they tend to be expensive, and I’ll tell you a little secret. Ready? Come closer:

For most items, you can achieve the same effect with a heavy-duty zip bag and just lying down on the bag while you seal it (or letting your kids sit on it for you).

Granted, a big Ziploc isn’t going to last forever, but neither will a space bag, probably. Anyway, this is all preamble to pointing out that right now Amazon has this 5-pack of 3-gallon Ziplocs available for just $5.24—its lowest price ever—or even less when you buy via Subscribe & Save. These aren’t big enough for bedding (well, maybe a single set of sheets, depending) but they’re plenty big enough for tons of other things, and in addition to helping you get to that magical extra-savings point of having 5 S&S orders in a month, they’re great for getting things around the house organized. Oh hey, they have this 4-pack of 10-gallon Ziplocs for $4.49, too (also its lowest price, and lower still when you buy via Subscribe & Save). This size is actually big enough for sweaters and blankets.

Also, flopping down on top of a bag to squeeze the air out is kind of fun.

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Don’t forget your Schoola credit!

If you made a purchase at Schoola during their promo to get an $11 credit to spend later, don’t forget to go shop this month and use it—credits have been automatically applied, so you’ll see the $11 come off at checkout.

Shipping is currently still free, and your credit is good until December 31st. Happy shopping!

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Well, that’s just wootiful

Er, I mean beautiful. I think.

Just in case you want to get a jump on all the cool deals you’re likely to see this week at Woot, take note that if you make a purchase right now and pay your $5 for shipping, then any order you place through December 14th will ship for free.

My guess is there will be a pretty great Woot-Off happening on Friday (and then again on Monday), so it’s nice to know you could potentially be saving all those shipping charges.

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