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A very merry Lowesmas

Yes, it’s late for Christmas clearance, I suppose, but a bunch of holiday decor and lights just went to 85% off at Lowe’s, and I don’t know about you, but at 85% off, I’m taking a look.

Most items are available for free in-store pickup, or orders of $49+ ship for free.

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Flash Sale on laptops

If you’ve been looking for a laptop deal, head on over to Best Buy—they’ve got a Flash Sale going right now with a handful of really good, time-limited deals.

Prices are good through 4:00 pm Eastern, so you’ll have to act fast, but it’s definitely worth a look. Free shipping on $35+, too, which means everything in the sale except that one Apple Watch band (“One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong…”) ships for free.

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I don’t know why, but I love it

This Madpax Spike Backpack is currently on Lightning Deal at Amazon for just $20.68 (instead of $60) and I know it’s weird and impractical, but I love it anyway.

There’s some kid out there who really wants to be a dinosaur or a mutant turtle who would love this, I just know it.

(If I needed a backpack, I would totally buy such a thing. I mean, it makes a statement, no? That statement might be “I am a real live cactus, beware,” but whatever.)

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Another chance to please the teens

One more round of deep markdowns to cap off the holiday season, I guess—right now at Tilly’s, they’re taking an additional 50%-70% off clearance prices, automatically. You can also use coupon code SLICKFS for free shipping on any size order, which means that even if you’re not buying a lot, it’s worth taking a look.

Yes, they have all the cool skater gear and hip sneakers your young adults might want, but they also have things like phone cases and GoPro accessories. (Don’t ask me why. I have no idea.)

Note that it’s not all winter clearance, either—they have a fair number of shorts/tank tops/etc. in there, too. And this is a nice distraction from… everything else in the world right now.

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Two days to grab these Groupon deals

I’m having a little love affair with Groupon. Although I have always used it for online discounts, in the last few years we’ve nabbed local deals for all sorts of family adventures we might never have tried out, otherwise. We’ve been kayaking, we escaped from Sherlock Holmes’ study (and figured out where he was hiding), we spent an evening learning how to throw clay pots. (Emphasis on the “throw.” Those wheels turn fast. Oops.) It has saved us literally hundreds of dollars and meant we ventured out of our comfort zone and did some super fun things we might not’ve tried, otherwise.

Groupons are discounted by definition, but today and tomorrow, you can save another 20% on any Groupon listed under “local” (and yes, some of those are actually online discounts; I don’t make the rules) by applying coupon code SALE3. Even better, you can use it on up to 3 deals, for a savings of up to $50 on each.

I’m not saying you have to pick adventures—one of the first deals it offered me was money off at a local bakery—but with discounts like these, surely there’s something that will tickle your fancy.

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Bundle up on those chilly nights

It is currently 26 degrees outside as I write this, and for Georgia that is simply inhumane. All I want to do is grab my dogs and go back to bed. (Note that my teenager left the house this morning in a t-shirt and a sweatshirt and said, “It’s not that cold.” I, however, am old. And cold.)

Anyway! It was a perfect time for today’s Woot deal, is my point—they’ve got all different sizes and colors of down-alternative comforters today for just $19.99. Now, they’re advertising them as perfect to use on their own, but I prefer a duvet cover so that I don’t need to wash the actual comforter all that often. You do you, though. There’s certainly no shortage of color options if you want to skip the cover.

Want more information/reviews/price comparison? Here they are on Amazon, averaging 4.5 stars with nearly 900 reviews. The consensus seems to be “lightweight but very warm.”

Bear in mind that yes, you’ll pay $5 shipping with Woot, but you’ll only pay it once no matter how many you order. And while the flat $19.99 price no matter the size makes the math simple, it’s obviously a much better deal on the King than on the Twin.

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For the young and fashionable

I want you to know that I am some kind of hero, truly, because after Christmas, while my oldest was home, I went to the mall with her. Not only that, I went into stores like Charlotte Russe, where I am both too old and too large for everything they sell. Where is my medal??

Anyway, they’ve now expanded all their markdowns online, too, with ridiculously low clearance prices where you can save another 20% with coupon code 2017SALE. If you must peruse the non-clearance items, no worries—everything’s at least 30% off, too. And shipping is free on any size order!

(But let’s not forget the real winner, here. The real winner is anyone who now doesn’t have to go to the mall with their teenager. You’re welcome.)

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It’s a crazy good sale at LOFT

I will never miss an excuse to shop a good sale at LOFT, even though my need for “business casual” clothing is now greatly outweighed by the need for “clothing that will make me feel like I didn’t wear my pajamas all day today.” Details.

Anyway! Right now they’re having a huge winter clearance, which means it’s the perfect time to pick up a few new things with a minimum of guilt. For example, did I need this Snowbird Back Pleat Blouse? First of all, don’t even try to tell me it’s not adorable, because it is adorable; and second of all, when the original price was $60 and I just got it for under $15? Um, yes. I needed it. The end.

Spend $125+ and your shipping is free, or it’s a flat $8.95, otherwise. I actually paid shipping, because this sale was so good, I couldn’t get anywhere near the $125. I’m okay with that.

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Fancy up your hot chocolate

Yesterday’s deal-with-coupon got me thinking that there may be certain Amazon coupons which are only available if you’re a Prime member (or which my be unavailable if you used said coupon on a similar, but different, item), so mea culpa when I post one of these and you can’t find the coupon. Hopefully most deals work for you!

So this one would’ve been nice before the holidays, but that’s okay, there’s month of winter left, yet. Amazon has this 6-pack of Jet Puffed Mallow Bits marked at $9.42 (which really isn’t too bad for 6 canisters), but then you can use Subscribe & Save for up to another 15% off, plus there’s a clippable coupon for another 25% off. I was able to get it for $5.65 shipped, or under a buck apiece.

These would be great in little DIY cocoa gift baskets, but also perfect for sending off to your kid at college with some Swiss Miss packets or using on a sundae bar. Use ’em for whatever you like. My kids will probably just pour them straight into their mouths. I’m trying not to think about it.

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I’ve got the lunch-packing blues

I’m in the home stretch—just five(ish) more months of packing lunches, and then I’m done. Forever.

I know, I know; my kid could pack his own lunch. He’s offered, even. But this is my last baby and I’m sort of neurotic about nutrition and so I plan to see it to the bitter end. It’s not so bad, really, but for some reason it does feel like a super-annoying chore. (“Didn’t you eat lunch yesterday? Why do you need to eat again today?)

Anyway. Back to school today, back to packing lunches. I just went ahead and ordered these Zesty Ranch Garden Veggie Straws because 1) my kid likes ’em, 2) I feel less guilty about them than I would about potato chips (yeah, I know they’re only a little better, but allow me this fantasy), and 3) between the Subscribe & Save savings and the current 20% off clippable coupon, it comes out to under $9 for 24 bags, which is around the price I’d pay on sale at Costco. Sold!

In related news, no, I would never shove bags of Veggie Straws and packages of cookies into my college kid’s duffel bag before she heads back to campus. Why do you ask?

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