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Don’t blink or you’ll miss the flash sale

Still have Kohls Cash lying around from your last purchase? You can redeem it now, plus they have a couple sweet flash sales going on this morning:

Take 30% off bedding and mattresses until noon Central time with coupon code BEDDING30, and then 20% off with code BEDDING20 for the rest of the day, after that.

Take an additional 20% off denim with coupon code DENIM20, too. Everyone gets free ship-to-store or free shipping on $75+, and you can also use code CATCH15OFF with any of these other codes for an additional 15% off your $100+ order.

There’s great deals to be had if you’re redoing a bedroom, but catch the maximum savings before they’re gone!

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One more notebook?

I looked at these back when we did school supply shopping—and ultimately decided against them because of the price—but right now Amazon has this Five Star Flex Blue NoteBinder available on both a Lightning Deal and with an available $1.50 clippable coupon, making it just $6.50.

If you have a kid who always manages to mangle the covers of their notebooks, this is a nice little item to have in your arsenal. Great reviews, and normally around $17-$20 instead. I might’ve preferred another color, but for this price, I’m not going to quibble.

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A trifecta of back-to-school clothing savings

Just about everyone is back to school by now, right? (Right?? We’ve been back for a month, seems like.) Nevertheless, maybe you missed a few things the kids need, or maybe you were waiting for some better sales, or maybe they just up and grew a couple of inches while you weren’t looking. Whatever the reason, if they need more clothes now, you have until midnight tonight to scoop up huge savings at Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic—coupon code 2DAY takes an additional 40% off nearly everything, plus if you spend $75+, you’ll get free 2-day shipping. (Remember they all share a basket, so you can get to $75 across the entire family of stores.)

Exclusions do apply—see site for details—but I found plenty of great deals, plus Old Navy in particular has a bunch of “Hot Deals” and “Everyday Steals” that are coupon-excluded but already dirt cheap.

And if you find a couple of cute things for yourself while you’re outfitting the kids, well, that seems only fair.

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Best cartoon ever?

My kids are well past cartoon-watching age, but I’m guessing that if this 16-disc Avatar: The Last Airbender complete set showed up, I could sucker them into watching it with me. This was one of our collective favorites when they were smaller, because it had it all—the supernatural, animal sidekicks, deep friendships, evil dudes, and intrigue. It’s really a fantastic series.

Right now Amazon has it at a pre-order price of $29.99 (25% off) and it comes out the first week of October. I doubt we’ll see a better price before Christmas (and as always, if the price drops again before release, they’ll give you the better price).

And for whatever it’s worth, I’d definitely put Avatar in my top 3 cartoons picks. The other two would be Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and Teen Titans (the original, not the Teen Titans Go! nonsense they’re running now). We’re serious about our cartoons ’round here.

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The truth is out there (and on sale)

Ready to rewatch The X-Files? The entire series and movie collection (54 discs!) is in the Amazon Gold Box today for 77% off. Get it all for $75 and make the geek in your life happy.

Or get it for yourself, and spend some time walking down Memory Lane. True, those memories involve aliens, but that’s okay. It’s a great deal on one of my all-time favorite series, and hundreds of hours of entertainment.

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Let the kids have their selfie fun

On the one hand, I think a selfie stick is a bizarre invention. On the other… hey, what’s the harm in the kids amusing themselves with goofy self-portraits? Exactly.

What you don’t want to be doing, though, is paying $20 for a selfie stick, or—worse yet—getting a bulky or crummy one. You’ll thank me for this one around Christmas, when you remember that you got the deal and tucked it away: Amazon has this Aukey compact bluetooth selfie stick available right now for $12.99, which is okay, but when you apply coupon code U4T37Y87 you’ll get another $4 off, making it just $8.99 shipped if you have Prime. That’s what I’m talking about! This version gets great reviews, and $9 is a price I can stomach for frivolity.

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The best deal on the best duffle

The last time I posted this deal was over 4 years ago, but it’s back on select colors—right now Amazon has the Samsonite Tote-a-Ton Duffel available for just $19.99 in either purple or green (red and black are more expensive). This is the lowest it ever goes, pretty much. (For reference: The same bag is $30 at eBags and excluded from coupons.)

This under-a-pound sturdy bag will hold as much as a steamer trunk, then fold down to almost nothing for storage when you’re done with it. Grab one now for next spring when you suddenly realize your kid needs a bag for camp/college/being thrown out of the house because it’s time.

Not that I am advocating throwing your child out. I’m just suggesting you score a deal on this bag, is all.

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Busted? Half-price!

If you love goofy t-shirts, look no further than BustedTees, plus look right now because they’re doing a limited-time special where everything is half off. Add any $20 shirt to your cart and *poof* it’s just $10.

This is one of the places I like to get t-shirts for my hard-to-please teens. (And also sometimes for me, but don’t tell them that.)

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A Woot-Off with a bonus

I was just doing the mental equivalent of “Tuesday. Ugh!” and thought to myself, “It’s a good day for a Woot-Off, I bet.” And I was right! It’s like Woot did it just for me. (Or like it was just a lucky coincidence. Whatever.) They’re rotating deals all day long at Woot, Home.Woot, Kids.Woot, Tools.Woot, Sport.Woot, and everyone’s favorite not-so-accurately-named Wine.Woot. Even better, pay your $5 shipping on a single purchase and *BAM*, you now have free shipping for the rest of the day (today only). This works on everything except wine, because wine needs its own shipping charge, apparently. (That’s fine because Wine.Woot is hardly ever wine, anyway.)

Shop once. Shop twice. Shop until your spouse tells you have a problem (no, don’t do that! I’m joking!). It doesn’t matter—$5 is all you’ll pay in shipping, no matter what. It’s the perfect way to counteract a bad case of Tuesdayitis.

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It’s a beautiful day for a Last Call

I love Last Call by Neiman Marcus, anyway, but today there’s even more to love—in addition to a bunch of additional markdowns just taken on their clearance items, today you can use coupon code AUGWLC10 for an additional $10 off your $50+ purchase.

Shipping is free on $99+ with code LCSHIP, or free on whatever if you have Shoprunner (and you can always sign up for a free trial of that).

Also I’m really glad I found this sale after the kids left for school. Popping up a Nordstrom Rack browser window is like a Pavlovian signal to my oldest to start saying, “I want that one, and that one, and that one….”

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