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Catch the Premier Event, today only!

I don’t know what a “Premier Event” is, really, or why they chose to name it that. Nor do I care! All I know is that it means huge savings across a variety of Pottery Barn brands, including a whole slew of back-to-school deals for the kids at PB Teen (free shipping with code SHIPFREE) and PB Kids (free shipping with code SUMMER)! Need a cool new water bottle, lunch box, or other school supplies? Today’s the day to score them at deep discounts.

No kids, or they’re already spoiled brats? (I kid! Mostly!) Go get your savings on all sorts of home goods at West Elm and/or Williams-Sonoma (take an additional 25% off clearance prices with code JULY).

It’s more deals than I can possibly sift through before this Premiere Event day is over, but that will not stop me from trying. Enjoy!

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Happy birthday, Woot!

Well whaddaya know—today Woot turns 14, which means both that I am pretty old and that it’s now old enough to roll its eyes at you and insist that no matter what you think, you are not funny. Hooray!

It also means they’re doing a very special Woot-Off, with tons of great deals. Check it:
Clearance.Woot and Gourmet.Woot (motto: We used to be Wine.Woot, but we finally admitted it’s more food than wine) both have rotating deals all day long, plus Shirt.Woot will showcase various options while allowing you to use coupon code 25JULY for 25% off any shirt purchase. They’ll also be throwing in at least half a dozen Bags O’ Crap every hour (remember those??) filled with new and excited items. While all the deals today are fantastic, if you’ve been wanting a great deal on an Amazon Fire (say, for a kid, or just because you’re thrifty), Computers.Woot has refurbs for about half off.

Shipping is free if you have Amazon Prime and sign in with it, or $5 for the entire day, if not. I’ll be sitting on the refresh button trying to get a Bag O’ Crap, myself.

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Score a (better) local deal

Summer is whooshing by (at least it is for me…) and have you been taking advantage of it? Have you gone on an adventure, tried a new restaurant, explored your hometown or someplace new? No?? Well, today’s the day to start planning.

Through the end of today (Monday, June 25th), go check out the deals at Groupon and save even more—coupon code SUN25 will take an additional 25% off (up to $30 per local deal, on up to three transactions). This is the perfect way to branch out or just keep on doing your favorites for less.

I tend to forget about Groupon for a while and then I’m always delighted when I go back. We’ve gone kayaking, done an escape room, gotten massages, had fancy meals… it’s all the stuff I always want to try but am too cheap to pony up full price. Groupon starts off with a big discount, then the coupon code makes it even sweeter. Go check it out before the deal ends!

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Comfy Aerie undies, cheapest ever!

Oh, I know, we all get a little uncomfortable talking about underthings, but when has that ever stopped me before? In fact, I usually get all jazzed when Aerie does their 10 panties for $30 promo, but today it’s even better! Right now they’ve got select panties at 10 for $25 (you do have to buy 10 to get the promo price, but what a good way to make sure you throw out the raggedy ones, right?).

I like to think of Aerie panties as high-end mall-store quality at “come in a plastic multibag at the Big Box Store” price.

Shipping is free if you have Shoprunner or spend $50+ (pro tip: there’s lots of other stuff on sale, too), otherwise it’s $7.

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Heads up, ladies who need officewear

I have a friend who recently started a new job, one which requires her to dress a lot more “officeworkerish” than her old job. I have been delighted to go shopping with her to show her that “office” is not synonomous with “black.” (Hey, I love black. Just not all black. It’s an office, not a funeral.) I know, it can be hard for some of us to shed our jeans and t-shirts and/or branch out in our preferred color palettes, but it can be done.

One brand I love for this stuff is Ann Taylor, though I’ll admit to not being too wild about their prices. (Yes, yes: LOFT has better prices to begin with, and tons of sales.) Every now and then, though, the regular Ann Taylor store has a huge sale. If you need to dress for work or just get out of the jeans-and-tees rut, hop on over there today—in addition to some very deep markdowns, coupon code MAKEWAVES takes another 50% off and gets you free shipping on any size order.

Whether you want to pick up a cardigan or need a whole new wardrobe, these prices will make it a lot easier to manage.

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Go be a Champion (of savings)

Need some new workout gear, or just like comfy clothing? Hop on over to the Champion online clearance for some already great price reductions, and then save even more—use coupon code EXTRA40 for an additional 40% off and code ESHIPCH for free shipping on any size order.

I’m seeing things like ridiculously low prices on sports bras and other specialty wear, plus this is my favorite way to stock up on socks for the whole family. (Because everyone is always out of socks. Where do they go? I have no idea.)

Sizes and styles are limited, of course, but with discounts like these, that’s no surprise.

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It’s a flash sale on everyone’s favorite summer shoes

Remember when we all just made fun of Crocs for adults but kept buying them for our kids and maybe a pair for ourselves “just for gardening” and then they started making all kinds of other styles and now they still make the ubiquitous squishy clogs but also things like real leather dress shoes? They’ve come a long way, baby.

Well, today (Thursday, June 7th) is the day to shop. They’ve put over 100 styles in a 24-hour Flash Sale, which means you can mix and match your favorites for the whole family and get 50% off everything. Free shipping on your $29.99 order, otherwise shipping is a flat $4.99.

I don’t want to tell you what to buy, but if you have a beloved chef/cook in your life and you don’t pick up a pair of these Muppets Swedish Chef clogs, just know that I will be pretty disappointed.

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Get your Beauty on for June!

(Hello, yes, I am Not Dead and I apologize for the lull. My children came home and we went out of town and several things broke at the house aaaaaand… you know. Life.)

Anyway! Hi! How are you? You look great. If you want to check out some new products (or have travel sizes of ones you already love) on the cheap, though, definitely don’t forget about your monthly Beauty Box offerings at Target. At just $7 apiece with free shipping (and a $3 off $15+ coupon tucked inside for a future Beauty or Personal Care purchase), you can choose from the standard box for the ladies or go for the men’s box… or go ahead and get both. Getting frustrated about the patriarchy is optional, but in fairness most men don’t want false eyelashes and lip gloss and most women don’t want Old Spice hair products. (Also in fairness: I don’t particularly want false eyelashes, either. So.)

If you’re the rainbow-loving sort, Target also has their new crop of Pride gear out, and some of it is unbearably adorable. (Related: Does my kid now own a rainbow unicorn romper? Of course she does.)

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Kohls, Kohls, Kohls, Kohls, and also Kohls

It’s time for a new batch of Kohls coupons! Just in time for… well, okay, they have coupons all the time, so it’s “just in time” for pretty much whatever you need. Clothing! Outdoor furniture! Kitchen stuff! Whatever!

Right now they have specials and Door Busters galore, plus everyone earns $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 you spend. Kohls charge card holder can take an additional 30% off with coupon code MOM30, plus get free shipping on any size order with code FREE4MAY. Everyone can take an additional $10 off $50+ on qualifying Home items with code MOMSDAY10 (stacks with other percent-off coupons!), or use code SAVEMORE20 for an extra 20% off $100+ or 15% off, otherwise.

I’m sure I’ve shared this before, but one of my favorite things to pick up during these sales—either because we need more or because I need some cheap items to get me to the next Kohls Cash threshold—are these Big One pillows. At $4 apiece (that’s before coupons) they’re surprisingly good quality, and cheap enough that when they finally do flatten out, you don’t have to feel bad about replacing them.

Those of you starting to gear up your soon-to-graduate kids for the college adventure, toss those in your cart and then look around. There’s tons of bedding and towel deals, plus bed bug encasements (trust me, even if there aren’t bugs, you’ll feel better knowing your kid’s who-knows-what-came-before dorm mattress is hermetically sealed), foam padding, etc. You could knock out a big chunk of your shopping months ahead of schedule, cheap.

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Possibly the most dad gift ever

Still looking around for Father’s Day? This is the absolute cutest and if you disagree I just don’t know who you are anymore.

Did you know that LEGO makes a ship in a bottle set? They do! And it’s adorable. I have never understood the whole ship-in-a-bottle thing, not really, but I’m here for it in LEGO. And if you have a LEGO-crazy kid, what better gift for Dad than something so dad-ish that they can build together, minus tweezers, stress, and probably some colorful language? Exactly. (Do bear in mind that this is a 12+ set, so if said kid wants to help and is very small, proceed with caution.)

Right now this set is priced at $59.88 on Amazon with free one-day Prime shipping, its lowest price ever. (No, not dirt cheap. Remember that LEGO sets very rarely go on sale at all, and when they do, $10 or $20 off is about as good as it often gets.) It’s still at $70 plus shipping on the LEGO site.

It’s possible I am a little too excited about this.

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