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LEGO locomotion

Amazon is already starting to label items as being part of their “Holiday Toy List,” and it looks like they’re strategically dropping prices here and there, too.

If you have a kid who likes the LEGO Friends line, check out the Amusement Park Hot Dog Van Building Kit, currently marked down to its lowest-ever price of $19.19. Also, hello, it’s a LEGO wienermobile. This makes me happy.


Alternatively, the LEGO City Airport Air Show Building Kit is currently down to its lowest-ever price of $57.59, and while it’s no wienermobile, I guess those 670 pieces are pretty cool, too.


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but these deals are making me miss the LEGO years, foot injuries and all.

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Waffles to the rescue

Let’s face it: waffles are a pain in the you-know-what, if you’re cooking. Pancakes are a lot simpler. But sometimes you just need waffles, with all their crispy little nooks and crannies and offspring-soothing powers. (I am speaking hypothetically, of course. I would never substitute waffles for good parenting. Probably.)

Did I ever tell you the story of how I snagged this Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker brand new at a yard sale for $5? It’s one of my prize possessions. The thing about a waffle maker is that the cruddy ones are, well, cruddy, and so it’s worth getting a good one, but on the other hand, you probably don’t use it all that often, so you don’t want to spend a fortune.

So, good news! Today Amazon has this Oster Belgian Flip Waffle Maker (which has even better reviews than mine) marked down to just $25.08. That’s within pennies of its lowest price ever, and just about the right price for a kitchen electric you might only use a few times a year.

Also, I’ll be jealous, because as much as I love mine, it doesn’t flip, and that seems fancy.

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As American as… a giant TV

Forget apple pie; the mark of a true American these days is a gargantuan television set, right? Right.

You can wait until the Black Friday scramble if upgrading your set is on your holiday list, sure. You may end up spending a lot of time in line or missing out because that “great deal” was a grand quantity of one, but hey, if that’s your thing, have at it. I prefer to snag the deals earlier so I can point and laugh while everyone else is panicking.

Deals like this one: Right now, Best Buy has this 65″ LG LED Smart Ultra HD TV marked down to $850 (you’ll have to add it to your basket to see the promotional price) with free shipping. LG is a consistently high-rated brand and that’s a whopper of a set. (For comparison: Here it is at Amazon for $1,400, and the lowest I saw it anywhere else was about $1,300.)

I’m not sure I’ve quite reached the point where I want a TV this enormous, but if you do, you’d have a hard time doing better than this.

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40% off most items (maybe)

Okay, so there’s a one-day-only 40% off deal happening at Old Navy today (Wednesday, October 19th)—use code QUICK to get the discount. There are some exclusions—Everyday Steals, Hot Deals, Clearance—but I put some sale jeans in my cart and it didn’t work on those and I don’t know why. (I then followed it with a sale top and that worked. So… I dunno.)

If you can find the items where the code works, obviously it’s a nice deal.

As always, shipping is free at $50+ across the shared Gap family stores basket (that includes Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta). The code is good until 11:59 pm Eastern, tonight.

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Because my freshman lives on this stuff

I grew up eating all manner of processed and fast foods, so of course as an adult I’m an insufferable “grow it yourself/make it from scratch/fresh ingredients are the best” type. And in the great circle of life, this also of course means that my oldest left for college and promptly began subsisting on Pop-Tarts and Easy Mac. Of course.

Did I try to fight it? Maybe a little. But then I gave up. And now I just comfort myself by 1) reassuring myself that no one ever died from craptastic college eating habits, and 2) buying those items on sale.

Right now Amazon has their 10-pack of Easy Mac cups priced at $7.49, plus there’s a clippable 15% off coupon, plus you save another 15% if you buy via Subscribe & Save and have 5+ items for the month. That means you can get 10 cups for $5.25, which is a no-brainer “buy” price for me.

Optional: Handing the cups over to your college student while sighing heavily and saying, “Tell me again why I’m paying for a meal plan for you?”

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Time to start thinking about toys

Obviously we are on our way into Toy Sale Season, though for certain items it becomes a matter of “How badly do I want a deal on this” vs. “How much trouble is Santa going to be in if this item sells out?”

Maybe split the difference and check out the current toy promo at Target: right now you can shop and take $10 off your $50+ or $25 off your $100+ toy purchase with coupon code TOYS. The bad news is that it doesn’t work on LEGO or Cards Against Humanity products (booooo); the good news is that it works on just about everything else.

As always, do your homework—double-check the price at Amazon, etc. But there are definitely a few deals to be had. It’s almost enough to make me wish I still had toy shopping to do. (Almost!)

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It’s Clinique bonus time!

Love all things Clinique? I happen to like their products, anyway, but their bonus offerings are often just painfully adorable, so of course that’s how they get me. Right now at Macy’s, it’s time for another Clinique bonus deal—just spend $27 on the Clinique items of your choosing, and you get the 7-piece Sprinkles bonus bag to go along with them for free.

Looking for an easy way to get to the gift threshold? This $80 value set of candy store lipsticks is just $25, and this lip and eye pencil sharpener is just $4.50. Those two items come to $29.50 and make you eligible for the free gift, and of course right now all beauty items have free shipping and free returns, too.

It’s a trap, of course. Personally, I fell right into it. (But… cute bag! With tiny adorable beloved products!!)

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40% off at Lands’ End today

Have a few items from Lands’ End on your wish list? Today’s the day to shop—just use coupon code FORME with PIN 7425 for 40% off nearly everything, including sale items.

The sale is good through the end of today (Monday, October 17th) only, so don’t delay if you want to check it out.

(As a reminder: This a great place to buy adjustable-waist pants for your tall string beans.)

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This box is for your baby

What’s this? A new Target Value Box in the middle of the month? Madness! But the kind of madness I love.screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-10-24-57-am

Right now Target is offering this $7 Baby Box, and like their regular Beauty Boxes, it’s a $30 value and you get free shipping, too. This one has all sorts of goodies for baby, from Honest Company wipes to Skinfix Eczema Balm.

Get it for you and your baby, get it for a baby gift… just go ahead and get it before it sells out.

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More Kohls (why not?)

I know we just had a Kohls deal, but there is never a shortage of Kohls deals (or, it seems, things I need from Kohls).

Hey, did you know that if you say/type “Kohls” enough times in a row, it stops feeling like a real word? Kohls. Kohls. SNARGLEBARGLE. Anyway.

Here’s what got me today: Right now they have these Big One Microfiber Bed Pillows marked down to just $3.99 apiece, which is crazy low, anyway. We have a proliferation of ancient pillows around the house, and while I probably wouldn’t go with something this cheap for a pillow someone will be sleeping on every night, for guest bed pillows or the day bed where the kids lounge around? No-brainer. I can pick up a bunch of these and chuck the pillows that have been around longer than my teenagers.

Make it even better with your Kohls Card, of course: Use coupon code PUMPKIN30 for another 30% off and code SHIP4FREE for free shipping on any size order. No Kohls Card? Silly rabbit. You’ll still get free shipping on your $75+ order and you can use coupon code TRICK15 for 15% off any order or code TREAT20 for 20% off your $100+ order.

So the good news is: decent cheap pillows. The bad news is there’s no way I’m going to just get the pillows….

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