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National Free Shipping Day? Okay!

Honestly, it’s not like I normally have a problem getting to the minimum shipping threshold at the Gap family of stores—between the shared cart between Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic and the sorts of clothes I’m most often buying for my family it’s not a problem—but I’m sure not going to turn down my chance to pick up a few last-minute items on sale and with free shipping. So hop to it, today (Friday, December 14th) only!

Use coupon code SHIPDAY across all their sites to ship any size order for free. Old Navy has $8 holiday sweatshirts, tons of markdowns, and coupon code MORE will take 20% off any order of 30% off $75+. Banana Republic is taking an automatic 40% off everything and an additional 10% off sweaters. And Gap has up to 50% off everything, automatically, a slew of “mystery deals,” plus coupon code GIFTS takes another 20% off.

Honestly, what are you waiting for?

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You say Beauty Box, I say stocking stuffer

We’re coming into the home stretch of holiday prep, yes? Yes. (Pay no attention to the fact that our tree isn’t even up, yet. I’m getting there.)

Just in time for your final preparations for elf duty, Target’s got more Beauty Box offerings than ever, with options starting at just $5, and some boxes on Buy 1, Get Another 1/2 Off. Plus, shipping is free on everything.

Buy a box to split up among stockings. Buy a box as a gift. Buy a box for yourself! With these prices you can afford whatever you like. And who doesn’t love teeny weeny miniature products? The Grinch, that’s who.

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Is it Kohls time again? You betcha

Hello! Did I run off and leave you last week? I apologize. I’m in a show right now and last week was tech and then opening weekend and, well, if you’re not a theater person the easiest way I can describe it is that the week before a show opens is like cramming for finals and having your first baby all rolled up in one. Exhilarating! Amazing! But also exhausting! So. If it makes you feel any better, I also haven’t fed my family for a week. (See? Doesn’t feel so bad now, right?)

Anyway! I’ve slept and I’m back. And so is Kohls, right on time with the last big sale where you can expect to get shipping in time for Christmas. Eeeeeverything is on sale, of course, with endless pages of doorbusters, $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 you spend plus free shipping on $50+, and then you can stack up the coupons to make it even better.

Kohls charge card holders can use coupon code JOY30 for an extra 30% off, and code DECFREEMVC for free shipping on any size order; everyone can use code USAVEMORE for 15% off any order or 20% off your $100+ order, plus—and I think this may be a first—coupon code HOME15 takes an additional 15% off most kitchen/dining items and it stacks with other percentage off coupons. So if you’re wanting a big-ticket kitchen item and you’re a card holder, you can use both JOY30 and HOME15 together. (Do remember that 30% + 15% does not equal 45% off, because they’ll take the 30% first and then the 15% off the remainder, but still, savings are savings.) Be aware that the extra home savings are only good through 11:59 tonight (Monday, December 10th).

I’m done shopping but, uh, I should probably go poke around just to see if there’s anything I forgot, right? Right.

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Half off for hipsters

I lied; you don’t have to be a hipster. But what could possibly be more hipster-y than a good ukulele and a gig bag (so that you can, y’know, take it with you to the coffee shop and the indy book store)?

If you (or someone you love) wants a ukulele this year, here’s the deal you’ve been waiting for: Get this 4-string ukulele and gig bag—it’s got an average review of 4.7 stars with over 350 reviews—for just $33 shipped when you apply coupon code H6RM9VLR at checkout. That’s half the current price, and the lowest its ever been.

True story: Someone sent me a ukulele once, and it languished in my closet until my firstborn decided to take possession of it. Now she and her friends all play ukulele together at college because apparently that’s what the young and cool people do. The old and uncool merely post good deals. (It all balances out. I think.)

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Gifts for geeks are always in style, rarely on sale

It’s not often that ThinkGeek has a sale, and they did have one last week, but rightthisverysecond they are having a flash sale for the next four hours only. Until 5:00 pm Eastern tonight (Monday, December 3rd), use coupon code HALFELF to take 50% off everything on the site, even items already on sale!

Shipping is automatically free on $35+. Lots of items are cleared out thanks to the previous sale, but if you want something that’s still available, well, today’s your lucky day.

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A holiday feast for the pets!

‘Tis the season to grumble about buying necessities when all you really want to buy is fun gifts for everyone you love. (I mean, maybe that’s just me, but anyway….) No worries, because if you have Prime, today at Amazon you can choose from literally over a thousand options of pet foods/treats eligible for 40% off when you clip the coupon and check out via Subscribe & Save. [Edited to add: This looks like a “targeted” promotion, which means it won’t show up for everyone. But hey, if you get it, hooray!]

You can only use the coupon once per household, for a maximum savings of up to $50, but will I be ordering a giant bag of food for my tiny, ridiculous dogs and then probably slapping a ribbon on it before Christmas? Yes. Yes, I will.

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If they don’t make you laugh, check your pulse

Honestly, I came to tell you that Tillys is having a big ol’ flash sale today—30% off tons of items, with an additional 30-50% off items already on clearance, plus free shipping on every order. I mean, that alone is worthy of a post, especially if you have tweens or teens. But. Y’all. I have always purchased Vans from Tillys because they have great sales even on the limited edition and licensed lines, and my kids do appreciate cool shoes. Never in my wildest imaginings, though, did I know that this morning I would run across these Hulk Vans slip-ons. Please look at them for a minute. I promise they’ll make your day better.

My manchild needs those, right? Especially when you consider that Tillys has just about all sizes in stock, and should you even be able to find them elsewhere, they’re gonna cost a lot more than $30. (For reference: they don’t even have the size I need at Amazon, but the closest I can get would cost me $65. No thanks!)

No joke, I ordered them almost an hour ago and I’m still laughing.

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Why yes, I do have more book suggestions!

When my kids were little, we often did the “something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read” approach to the holidays, which I loved. (Especially now that it’s more like “no Christmas presents for you because I just furnished your apartment over the summer… except you still need new boots and I found this other cute stuff too… dangit!”) Then, of course, I always cheated and made the “something to read” gift a whole stack of books, because: Books! You can never have too many books, right? Right!

Today at Amazon they’ve got the ridiculously well-rated and gorgeous Maps marked down to just $21 (40% off!) and then you can apply coupon code NOVBOOK18 to take another $5 off, making it $16 shipped. This is the perfect gift for those in the 7-11 age range, or really anyone who loves geography.

If that isn’t quite right, they’ve also got The 50 States marked down to $20.40 (not quite as good savings as Maps but still good, especially with the book coupon).

And if neither of those are quite enough, well, there’s The Atlas of Adventures or The Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures for $20.40 (both are coupon eligible, too, for another $5 off).

‘Tis the season to get your kids learning while they think they’re just having fun, folks.

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Nostalgia or new, Calvin and Hobbes is always perfect

I don’t care if you buy this for yourself or a fellow adult who just loved this strip back in the day or for your reluctant reader or, really, even if you buy it for your dog. It’s that good of a deal. It doesn’t matter! Right now Amazon has The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Box Set marked down to $44.61—its lowest price ever—plus you can apply coupon code NOVBOOK18 to this or any other Amazon-sold $20+ book purchase to save another $5.

That’s over 1,400 pages of Calvin and Hobbes for just under $40 shipped. (Best comic ever or best comic ever? I’m sayin’.)

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Winter is coming. Get some Nivea.

Yeah, I know, we’ve been busy shopping for everyone else. I don’t know about you, but as a, um, lady of a certain age (ahem), the weather gets a little bit chilly and all my skin starts to dry up and fall off. (I know! Just as sexy as it sounds!) ‘Tis the season for me to start accumulating a variety of lotions and other moisturizers, and so I’m totally down to buy this 5-piece Nivea Luxury Collection Set for $12.50. That’s its lowest price ever, plus it contains full-size versions of products I use anyway and I get another make-up-case-type-carrier to store stuff in. The three large items (moisturizer, mousse creme moisturizer, and in-shower lotion) all retail for around $5 apiece, so you’re essentially getting a good price on those and getting the case, lip balm, and travel lotion for free.

That in-shower moisturizer stuff is the bomb, by the way. Totally brilliant.

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