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Celebrate with free shipping

If you, like me, love Williams-Sonoma when there are sales to be had and free shipping, well, happy Independence Day—go check ’em out. There’s hundreds of markdowns and every order ships for free with coupon code USA20.

Alternatively, you can use coupon code EXTRA20 for an additional 20% off clearance prices, which may be a better deal, depending.

Do I need a quesadilla basket for the grill? Um. Maybe. For $4.99 shipped, I’m inching closer to “yes.”

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Disinfecting is my favorite (sort of)

Okay, maybe disinfecting itself isn’t my favorite, but these Lysol Disinfecting Wipes really are my favorite, because:

1) They’re handy.
2) When the kids try to tell me they “don’t know how” to clean something I can just hand them these.
3) Teachers love getting these for their classrooms.
4) Amazon keeps running these ridiculous specials on them.

Right now they’re priced at $9.97 for 3 giant canisters, plus there’s a 20% off coupon code to clip, plus you can save another 15% with Subscribe & Save if you’re up to 5+ items for the month. I just got 240 wipes for $6.48 delivered—that’s probably less than the shipping costs, and comes out to just pennies a wipe. I always buy these when these deals come up.

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Get those Lands’ End swim discounts!

I currently own two swimsuits I will wear in public if I must. They’re both from Lands’ End. They’re flattering (particularly for someone—not naming any names here, ahem—who is in that tricky demographic between “young enough to feel good in a swimsuit” and “old enough to no longer care”), they last forever, and they’re guaranteed, period. I love, love, love swimwear from Lands’ End, is my point.

Today (Wednesday, July 1st) you can shop their full-price swim and take 40% off with coupon code SWIMSALE and PIN 5882. Maybe I need a third suit…?

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Flash sale at Schoola!

I know, I know; I keep linking to promos over at Schoola, but only because I’ve been shopping there a ton, myself. For a limited time, you can use coupon code HALFOFF for half off your order and free shipping.

Remember, if you haven’t signed up yet, you’ll get a shopping credit through my link when you do. And with this coupon you could be saving upwards of 90% on gently used clothes for you and the kids.

I’ve ordered from Schoola four times so far (hey, don’t judge) and the last time I did I got a maxi dress from some European brand I’ve never heard of that is now just about my favorite piece of clothing ever. So I’m not saying Schoola gives you a fashionable way to basically walk around in a socially-acceptable nightgown, but… okay, I sort of am.

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Soft skin, big savings

It’s hard to believe that soon(ish) summer will end, and the weather will turn, and eventually we’ll be back to the battle of cold weather vs. dry skin. Or maybe that’s just me…? I have summer body washes (exfoliating! citrus!) and I have winter body washes (ultra-super-mega-moisturizing!), and that’s just how I roll.

One of the moisturizing washes I favor for winter is Olay Ultra with Shea Butter, which is already very affordable at Amazon right now at $2.84. But you should see a clippable $1 coupon and it’s available on Subscribe & Save (bonus: free shipping, plus I love cheap items like this to get me up to 5 items for the month so I save 15% on all of ’em), so you can get it delivered for just $1.41. That’s hard to beat, especially for a super-moisturizing formulation.

Buy it now, thank me in November.

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My dogs say yes, please

Do you have a hide-a-toy type toy for your dogs? There are multiple versions—and it’s true that Licorice believes stuffed toys exist to be disemboweled, sure—but I love this Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Plush Dog Toy set, especially when it’s down to just $7.99, like now. You get the tree trunk and 3 plush, squeaky squirrels. That means I can give one squirrel to Licorice to destroy while Duncan tries to figure out how to get the other two out of the trunk.

You can buy replacement squirrels, even, but when the price goes this low, I just buy the whole thing again. (And yes, I’m aware that my dogs are spoiled rotten.)

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Score at Schoola, again

If you haven’t yet checked out Schoola, what’re you waiting for?? Discounted, gently-used clothing for you and the kids, plus money to your favorite school. It’s a win-win!

Sign up as a new user and you’ll get a $15 credit. And whether you’re a new or returning customer, right now you can use coupon code TENOFF for $10 off your $50+ order or code TWENTYOFF for $20 off your $75+ order. That’s all on top of their deeply discounted prices!

Shipping is free on any size order right now, too. So basically you sign up, get free money, and then you can either find something that costs you nothing or save even more. What’s not to like?

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For happy feet

Do you love Clarks shoes? I have a couple of pairs I got at a deep discount at 6pm, but they were definitely a splurge, even so. They’re pricey. But ohhhhhh, so comfortable.

If you love ’em and are willing to accept that even a deal is still going to be real money, head on over to the Clarks website for their big Summer Sale—hundreds of shoes are 2 pairs for $99, which is over half off in most cases. UPS Ground shipping is free on all orders (but not the default, so be sure to choose it at checkout). Mix and match however you watch, and enjoy the savings.

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It’s a magical day!

I’m painting my office, today. I know you care deeply. I’m just offering this by way of explanation, because I know I haven’t been posting a lot, lately, but it’s because I’ve been dismantling my office and such. And now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, because soon it will be DONE. (I’m a little excited.)

To celebrate—or maybe for reasons wholly unrelated to me, I guess, sure—today you can use coupon code 7RKJQVOLA6 for an additional 10% off at As you know if you shop there with any regularity, coupon codes for them are few and far between, so snap this one up if you’ve got your eye on something. Of course there’s a million sales going on already, so this is just the icing on the cake. Or the paint on the trim. Something.

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For Father’s Day or whatever

Still wracking your brain for a great gift for the special dad in your life? Today you can check out your locally available Groupons and on top of the savings already offered, save another 25% (up to an additional $50 off) with coupon code SUPER25. Even better, you can use the code up to 3 times, so that’s a nice gift for a couple of dads in your life as well as maybe something for you for being so thoughtful. Or whatever. I don’t judge. (I do, however, get laser hair removal via Groupon, because I am both hairy and cheap. You’re welcome for that visual.)

Check it out—the coupon is good today and tomorrow only.

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