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But I never miss a Chaco sale

Hello! Still not dead! Just, you know, not doing much deal-hunting these days. I could offer a long litany of explanations/excuses, but you don’t care, anyway, and that is not why I’m here. I’m here because right now there are all kinds of discounts happening at Chaco, and if you—like me—live in a hippie-dippy college town, these are pretty much the unofficial footwear of your people. I finally succumbed and bought my first pair last year and they are amaaaaaaazing. I don’t know why I waited so long. (Wait. Yes I do! I waited because they’re expensive and rarely go on sale.)

Anyway, right now they’ve got a ton of items in the Sale section, plus coupon code CHACOSEPT30 takes another 30% off ‘most everything. Shipping is free, too (in fact, with the coupon, even Express shipping is free). If you don’t need the absolute latest style, this is a great way to scoop up some favorites for about half price.

Now that I’ve bought my family some sandals, I’m going back into my cave.

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Love the comfort and durability of Clarks shoes? I do, and while I realize this causes my kids to tell me I am old, I do not care. I especially do not care because today they’re having a flash sale, and that means an additional 40% off sale styles with coupon code FLASH40. Shipping is free.

Some cute new sandals for me, some durable work shoes for the husband. Also, they have some pretty adorable socks, too. And even some winter boots on sale. (And purses!! I didn’t know they did purses.) It’s a sale worth checking out for sure.

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Friends & Family and even better savings

If you hop on over to Eddie Bauer right now, you’ll see they’re doing their Friends & Family promotion—coupon code SHARE takes an additional 40% off almost everything, plus you’ll get free shipping on your $49+ order. 40% off is nothing to sneeze at, especially when you use it on Clearance items, so I’m definitely not knocking that sale at all. There’s great bargains to be had.

But! If you’re ready for winter to hurry up and get here, allow me to make it even better for you: Women’s boots and outerwear already on clearance can be reduced by an additional 60% when you use coupon code EXTRA60, instead. 60% off clearance on some of the highest-rated jackets/gear around? That’s enough to make even me wish for winter.

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Top-shelf kicks for clearance rack prices

Helllooooooooo! I have been away. (And busy with these people in my house who like to call me “Mom” as if that means I owe them something. Sheesh!) But today I have spotted a crazy deal those of you whose offspring are still miniature are likely to appreciate.

Today (Wednesday, August 15th) only, check it out: Stride Rite is having a Flash Sale on over a hundred different styles. If it’s in the sale, it’s $19.99—no fooling! And sure, there’s plenty of sandals because that’s end-of-season stuff, but also sneakers, dress shoes, and even boots. When else can you get ergonomic shoes for kids that started at $52 for just under $20?

Shipping is free on $30+, so buy a couple of pairs and you’re all set. I’ll just be over here all bitter that my kids have bigger feet than I do….

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Allow me to spread the KitchenAid love

Have I gone on and on (and on and on and on) here about my love for my Professional KitchenAid mixer? I feel like I have. I make triple batches of cookies with ease, not to mention that bread dough (even when I don’t feel the “need to knead” to work out some aggression) is no match for its power. It may well be my favorite kitchen gadget. (Well, it ties my BlendTec blender, for sure.) And if I haven’t mentioned it before, my husband got mine for me, on a refurb deal, because he’s a romantic. (You don’t think that’s romantic? We have an interesting love language. And you are probably younger than I am. Get off my lawn, whippersnapper.)

Anyway! How exciting was it to pop up the Amazon Gold Box this morning and discover that they’ve got three different colors of KitchenAid Professional 6-quart Bowl Lift Stand Mixers for just $219 shipped, today only? So exciting!! Seriously. I mean, we all know the “original prices” on Amazon are fairy tales, but still, $219 is the lowest price they’ve ever had on this model, plus the average regular price is around $380. So it’s not quite the half-off they’re saying it is, but a darn good deal, regardless.

If you don’t own one of these beauties and have been waiting on a sale, today’s the day to bite. This mixer is a do-it-all a workhorse and you will not regret it.

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Heads up for your dapper dudes

As a parent, I know the day each of my kids crossed over from kids’ to adult sizes was a very solemn one. Sure, sure—passage of time, sunrise/sunset, etc. Forget all that. The issue for me was that suddenly everything cost at least twice as much. Heartbreak!

Today (Monday, July 30th) Gap is making it up to me and other moms of teenage boys (and even full-adult males, I guess) with a huge sales event. While coupon code EVERYTHING will take an additional 20% off just about, well, everything, as well as giving you free shipping on any size order, many men’s shirts and pants will also drop by 50% when you apply secret coupon code EXTRA!

Note that the codes can both be used, but the discount will not stack. That is, apply EXTRA first for 50% off, then EVERYTHING to also get free shipping (you won’t save another 20%, but let’s get greedy).

Stock up for your young men, or for yourself, or whomever. With these prices, it hardly matters.

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A small existential crisis and two giant floaties

Hello! You may have noticed I have not been here. I am trying to figure out some things, like whether or not Want Not remains sustainable in a world where absolutely everyone now knows how to shop online and find deals, or how excited I can continue to be about a deal on paper towels when I’ve already been doing this for more than a decade.

Also, I’m pretty concerned about the fact that “mom jeans” are coming back as a cool thing for hip teenagers to wear. If that doesn’t herald the imminent death of polite society, I don’t know what does.

Anyway! I’ll wrestle with this stuff as best I can and get back to you. But in the meantime, today I stumbled across a deal that was too good not to share. You know how those giant unicorn pool floaty things have been everywhere this year, but they cost somanydollars? Today’s the day to make everyone’s dreams come true without emptying your wallet!

Amazon has this giant inflatable unicorn pool float available for $37.99—a typical price—but there’s a secret coupon code! Just enter code ZGOBSU9K at checkout and it’ll deduct $24, making your price just $13.99 with free shipping.

Don’t love the unicorn? The same company also has a giant inflatable dragon pool float on a similar deal—the original price of $37.99 drops to $13.99 when you apply coupon code I8FB8ALS at checkout.

[Note: If you try to check out with both of them, only one coupon will work. Place separate orders if you’re trying to get more than one.]

I feel like these are probably at least $14 worth of entertainment.

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Catch the Premier Event, today only!

I don’t know what a “Premier Event” is, really, or why they chose to name it that. Nor do I care! All I know is that it means huge savings across a variety of Pottery Barn brands, including a whole slew of back-to-school deals for the kids at PB Teen (free shipping with code SHIPFREE) and PB Kids (free shipping with code SUMMER)! Need a cool new water bottle, lunch box, or other school supplies? Today’s the day to score them at deep discounts.

No kids, or they’re already spoiled brats? (I kid! Mostly!) Go get your savings on all sorts of home goods at West Elm and/or Williams-Sonoma (take an additional 25% off clearance prices with code JULY).

It’s more deals than I can possibly sift through before this Premiere Event day is over, but that will not stop me from trying. Enjoy!

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Happy birthday, Woot!

Well whaddaya know—today Woot turns 14, which means both that I am pretty old and that it’s now old enough to roll its eyes at you and insist that no matter what you think, you are not funny. Hooray!

It also means they’re doing a very special Woot-Off, with tons of great deals. Check it:
Clearance.Woot and Gourmet.Woot (motto: We used to be Wine.Woot, but we finally admitted it’s more food than wine) both have rotating deals all day long, plus Shirt.Woot will showcase various options while allowing you to use coupon code 25JULY for 25% off any shirt purchase. They’ll also be throwing in at least half a dozen Bags O’ Crap every hour (remember those??) filled with new and excited items. While all the deals today are fantastic, if you’ve been wanting a great deal on an Amazon Fire (say, for a kid, or just because you’re thrifty), Computers.Woot has refurbs for about half off.

Shipping is free if you have Amazon Prime and sign in with it, or $5 for the entire day, if not. I’ll be sitting on the refresh button trying to get a Bag O’ Crap, myself.

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Score a (better) local deal

Summer is whooshing by (at least it is for me…) and have you been taking advantage of it? Have you gone on an adventure, tried a new restaurant, explored your hometown or someplace new? No?? Well, today’s the day to start planning.

Through the end of today (Monday, June 25th), go check out the deals at Groupon and save even more—coupon code SUN25 will take an additional 25% off (up to $30 per local deal, on up to three transactions). This is the perfect way to branch out or just keep on doing your favorites for less.

I tend to forget about Groupon for a while and then I’m always delighted when I go back. We’ve gone kayaking, done an escape room, gotten massages, had fancy meals… it’s all the stuff I always want to try but am too cheap to pony up full price. Groupon starts off with a big discount, then the coupon code makes it even sweeter. Go check it out before the deal ends!

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