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Pressure cooking? Isn’t it all pressure cooking?

I love the moniker “pressure cooking,” because as far as I’m concerned, trying to feed your family is always pressure cooking, or maybe that’s just my family. Ahem.

Anyway, I know that Instant Pots are all the rage right now, though I have yet to succumb, myself. (I’m still over here with my 5 slow cookers, yo. I like the house to smell like dinner all day.) And there are periodic deals on ’em, sure, but if you’re looking only at the Instant Pot brand, you’re likely missing some deals.

Today, for example, Best Buy has this 6-quart Insignia pressure cooker marked down to $39.99 shipped. Why? I have no idea. When I went to price-compare it over at Amazon I found it listed at nearly $200 from a 3rd-party, which is nuts, but it makes me suspect it’s a slightly older model that’s been or is being discontinued. Regardless, the reviews are excellent, and the next closest model available in the Instant Pot line costs twice as much, so if I wanted one of these, I’d probably jump on this deal.

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It’s a rare deal on top-shelf shoes for the kids

Personally, I never loved my kids enough to buy them shoes from Stride Rite. They had perfectly average feet and the prices there always made me feel a little faint. But I’ve heard that for kids with wide feet, or various orthotic issues, or even just kids whose parents are a lot nicer than me, Stride Rite is the place to get the best shoes for little ones.

Today (Monday, September 18th) they’re having a flash sale—select styles are just $19.99 with free shipping when you use coupon code SHOESDAY. I’m seeing eligible options that started at $60, so this is not the deal to miss if you’re into their shoes for your kids. It’s not just past-season stuff, either. There’s sandals, sure, but also sneakers and boots and dress shoes. Hundreds of options! Get going.

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Got tweens/teens? Get what they want

If your kid want “cool” clothes, look no further than Tilly’s, and if you want those cool clothes at a reasonable price, go check out their clearance right now—nearly everything is an additional 50% off.

The site is advertising automatic free shipping at $59, but why not get free shipping on any order? Just use code DNFS. That will allow you to go ahead and pick up, say, some Unicorn Snot (actual product name!) (relax; it’s lip gloss) without paying shipping.

I love these Tilly’s sales for fashion sneakers and such, but mostly I love them for stocking stuffers. Because really, who doesn’t need Unicorn Snot?

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Back to civilization… and Kohls

So. Hi! Things are slowly getting back to normal. Yesterday I threw away (almost) everything in the fridge and freezer and went ahead and cleaned said fridge/freezer while I was at it, and while I am grateful my family came out of everything relatively unscathed, I could’ve happily gone my whole life without discovering how disgusting our appliances were. But that’s okay, because everything is clean now, and we have shiny new milk and ketchup. And a few other things. Anyway!

But life goes on, and the sales at Kohls don’t pause for silly things like hurricanes. There’s bonus buys happening starting today, plus you can stack coupons and make it all even better. Here we go:

If you have a Kohls charge (and why wouldn’t you?), use coupon code SUNSET30 for an additional 30% off your order, plus code MVC4SEPT gives you free shipping on any size order.

If you don’t have a Kohls charge (are you new here?), you can use code HUGEDEAL for 15% off your order, plus you’ll get automatic free shipping at $75+.

Anyone can also stack code SEPTFORHIM for an extra $10 off your $50+ Men’s Big/Tall purchase, and/or code STYLE10 for an extra $10 off $50+ Womens/Juniors clothing, accessories, shoes, and beauty.

*deep breath* Bonus tip for Discover Card holders: If you go to your Discover Deals online and search for Kohls, they often have a “$10 off $30+” coupon available, which you can redeem by scanning into your Kohls app or just copying the digits. This deal always works like Kohls Cash, which means it’s $10 free, basically. The minimum purchase is not enforced and it shows up as Kohls Cash to use on any purchase. I no longer shop Kohls without checking for this bonus, first (yes, there’s one available right now).

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Blast off to bigger savings?

Have you tried yet? The more you spend, the more you save, and while you’ll have to commit to spending a little bit of time on price comparisons—like anything else, sometimes the deals are really good, and sometimes they’re kind of meh—and I tend to use them for things like pop-tarts and mac-and-cheese cups for the dorms. If you’ve never used them, you’ll get an extra 15% off your first three purchases with code SAVE15, but that’s not actually what I wanted to tell you about.

Right now you can take an extra 30% off their Warehouse items with coupon code WAREHOUSE30, for a maximum discount of $100. What’s in their warehouse? Well, furniture and outdoor stuff, sure, but also smaller household items, and—take note, those of you who are doing dorm shopping—mini fridges and microwaves, too. Some of those are a great deal.

Pro tip: I generally shop them with an Amazon window open right next to it to do my price comparisons. I’ve found no rhyme or reason to why some items are deeply discounted and others aren’t, but I have been rewarded for my patience on multiple occasions. Definitely worth checking out.

(P.S. Shipping is free on $35+.)

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Labor Day savings have arrived at Rack

When you love high-end labels but hate high-end prices, you shop at Nordstrom Rack. And when you want to save even more, you shop at Nordstrom Rack when they’ve got all their clearance marked down with an additional 25% off.

Shipping is free if you spend $100+, otherwise it’s a flat $7.95 ($5.95 if ordering only jewelry/beauty items).

Pro tip: This is a great place to find deals on unusual bra sizes (actually how I started shopping there), but there’s tons of other bargains, too.

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Pared down, but still Wootacular

Today seems like an excellent day for a Woot-Off—and apparently the Woot folks agree—but it’s a much smaller one than usual. Instead of rotating deals in all categories, today you can enjoy the thrill of deals that may last seconds or 30 minutes just at Woot, Shirt.Woot, and Wine.Woot (motto: wines with funny names, but also other stuff because drunk shopping is a thing). That means fewer sites to track, but it does mean I made a pitiful little sad face when I realize Home.Woot wasn’t doing it, because that’s how I justify most of my kitchen gadgets.

Buy something, pay the $5 to ship it, and the rest of your purchases ship for free for the whole day. Are they being generous or enabling you? Best not to think about it too hard.

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It’s nearly a new month, and that means it’s Beauty Box time!

The only good thing about summer being just about over is the new Beauty Boxes at Target, right? Right! (Well, that and not melting into a puddle every time you step outside. Details.)

There’s two options this month: Snag the 8-piece “New Basics” Box or the 7-piece “Total Hydration” Box—each is just $7 shipped. Heck, grab ’em both.

(Pro tip: The 8-piece box has a tiny bottle of the Simple Micellar Water, which is now the only makeup remover I will use. It’d be a good way to try it out, or the perfect travel bottle.)

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Busy puppies are happy puppies

Do I get a little too excited when there’s a sale on dog toys? It’s possible, yes. My dogs are small but strong chewers, and while we’ve been lucky enough not to have to deal with destructive chewing around the house for the most part (ahem; let us not discuss the time Duncan discovered we had a box of leftover flooring under our bed…), they do a lot better in general when we have plenty of chew toys around.

One of today’s spotlighted deals at Amazon is up to 40% off select Nylabone toys and treats, and you’d better believe I’m stocking up. I mean, do the bones get all slobbery and disgusting as the dogs wear them down? Yeah. They’re not my favorite thing to step on in the night (or find on my pillow, Licorice), but they keep them happy.

(And at the end of the day, I’m really just here to keep the dogs spoiled. So say my kids, anyway.)

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Boost your savings, bust those stains

I hate laundry. I do. (I mean, doesn’t everyone?) But it’s possible I get a little too excited when there’s a great deal on laundry products, because I have to buy them anyway.

One of my children (not naming any names…) took 42 pairs of socks to school this year. Why? Because laundry is for the weak, man. This child only does laundry when the dresser is empty and the hamper is overflowing. Which is fine, I suppose, especially because I always send the kids off with a variety of pre-treatment stain products so that items not washed right away aren’t ruined.

So was I excited to see that Amazon currently has this 2-pack of OxiClean Max Force Gel Sticks for just $3.44? Probably too excited, honestly. But better yet, this is one of those perfect items for getting to your 5+ Subscribe & Save items for the month without breaking the bank, and then you get your free shipping and an extra 15% off, too. (Pro tip: Want more than one pack? Don’t select 2 as the quantity, just order it twice—then it counts as 2 of your 5 items!) That’s just shy of $3 for 2 sticks delivered (about half the regular price), and this way you can buy them for the kids, for the laundry closet, for the bathrooms… anywhere someone is likely to be taking off dirty clothes.

It won’t get anyone to do their laundry, but it may rescue it, anyway.

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