I’ve tried, but I can’t quit Cascade

By Mir
July 24, 2011

Over the last few years I’ve switched over many of our household products to greener options, and I now swear by vinegar for nearly everything (inbetween my busy schedule of hugging trees, of course), but I have yet to find a dishwashing detergent that works better than Cascade.

I’m sorry, environment. I just… don’t like bits of food on my plates.

Right now Amazon has a 60-pack of Fresh Scent Cascade Action Packs for just $11.02 when you purchase it via Subscribe & Save. But if you live in a state where they allow you to have Amazon coupons, there’s also a $1 off coupon (scroll down the page to see it and then click the “Clip this coupon” button to apply it). That’s just $10 for 60 dishwasher cycles, or about $.17/pouch. I’m in.

I’ll hug some extra trees to make up for it.


  1. Have you tried Method smarty dish? We love it.

  2. Grr… Can’t get to the page where Amazon is the seller so can’t find the coupon or S&S…

  3. Cascade used to work better last year before they (and all dishwasher powder manufacturers) were forced to remove the most active ingredient for environmental reasons. I’m still looking for one that works as well as it did before the ban.

  4. I second Smarty Dish from method. I love that stuff (we use the pink grapefruit), and we’ve never had issues with dirty dishes. (Believe me, we’ve had issues with other brands. We rent an apartment, so we have the oldest dishwasher known to man.) If you’ve tried it and it hasn’t worked, then what have you been putting on your dishes? 😉

  5. I third Smarty Dish from method. We use Pink Grapefruit, too. I’ve also tried others that didn’t work and clogged up my dishwasher. My dishes are clean with method and I don’t really even rinse first.

  6. Fourth for Smarty Dish grapefruit and Amazon delivers it straight to my door (after clicking through one of your links, of course!).

  7. I don’t see click this coupon. I love in Ga. I know Ive used one before!

  8. ACtually I don’t see a sub & save section….? What’s going on with that? Have I forgotten to do something?

  9. I agree with those about the Method cleaner. I actually tried Cascade again not so long ago and found that it was worse at cleaning than my Method cleaner. Who knew?

  10. I have to tell you guys, I’m baffled by the feedback here. I tried the Smarty Dish and was unimpressed. But it wasn’t the grapefruit; any chance the different “flavors” have different cleaning efficacies, do you suppose? Maybe I need to try it again.

  11. Yay! Clicked through but got the Cascade Complete ActionPacs, Dishwasher Detergent, Lemon Burst 26-count Pouch (Pack of 5) instead. The coupon worked, & I subscribed, so I got 130 pacs for $24.61 / $0.189 each! This will last us at least 6 months. LOVE the Auto Delivery, but I’m going to have to start noting in my calendar what ships when! LOL 😉

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