Time to stock up at Oriental Trading

Need to fill some goodie bags? If you’re like me, that means it’s time to check out Oriental Trading for a lot of little things for not that much money. The problem is getting to whatever the free shipping threshold is on any given day. But not today! Because today (Monday, October 10th), you can use coupon code OTC165560 for free shipping on any size order. Order as much or as little as you like; it all ships for free.

I’m seeing tons of holiday and classroom items in the Clearance section, too. Might be a good time to make a favorite teacher very happy….

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Who deserves a pony?

Have an amazing little kiddo on your shopping list who wants a pony? You can deliver… or, rather, Amazon can deliver this Rockin’ Rider Brown Rocking Pony Ride-On for just $18.26 delivered if you have Prime. If your small recipient would rather ride a buckin’ bronco, the Rockin’ Rider Brown Rocking Bull Ride-On is down to just $17.78, but I don’t think he’s quite as friendly looking as the pony.

Both have great reviews and are recommended for tots up to 40 pounds. No word on how much hay they consume annually, though.

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There goes my Thursday productivity

Why did I look? Why did I look?? I have things to do today, but it’s too late, because now I’m glued to today’s Woot-Off.

“What’s a Woot-Off?” you may ask (if you have just arrived on our planet from Mars). Well, it means rotating deals all date at Woot, Home.Woot, Electronics.Woot, Computers.Woot, Tools.Woot, Sport.Woot, Accessories.Woot, Kids.Woot, and even Wine.Woot (motto: what do you mean, olives aren’t wine?). Each deal runs for 30 minutes or until it sells out (whichever comes first), and some prices are ho-hum and others are absolute steals. It takes some watching and some price-comparisons, but I’ve scored some amazing stuff on Woot-Off days.

Pay $5 shipping once and that ships as many orders as you like for the entire day. That means you can keep Wooting for hours, while your actual work and/or family wonders what you’re doing. That’s okay*. The savings are worth it.

*I am not actually advocating watching the Woot-Off over more important life activities. Probably.

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It’s tote time!

Longtime readers know that every time these Samsonite Tote-a-Ton duffels go on sale, I get very excited. That’s because these things are as big as steamer trunks, super durable, and fold down to the size of a small paperback book. I knew they were great before I moved my oldest into a dorm, but let me just tell you: She packed all of her clothes in one, and all of her bedding/towels (including pillows and such) in another. We kept saying “There’s no way it’s all going to fit in there…” but it totally did. And unlike bulky suitcases that we would’ve had to take home with us (because dorm rooms are not exactly long on storage space), these did their duty and got folded down and stuck on a closet shelf.


Now one tends to come home to me once a month filled with laundry, but that’s a different story.

Anyway! They come in all sorts of colors, and my sale line is about $20; when they go to $20 (and very occasionally, lower), that’s when I think they’re an unbeatable deal. Right now the black with red trim and the turquoise with black trim (do not be fooled by the picture, it really is a turquoise-y color and not the kelly green that photo shows it as) are both down to just $18.89 at Amazon. Run, don’t walk. If I didn’t already have two for each kid, I’d go buy more. Buy ’em for your kids, buy ’em as graduation gifts for other kids, buy ’em to store whatever you have all disorganized at home. It doesn’t matter. These are worth every penny.

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Stock up on skin pampering

What do I love best at The Body Shop? A better question is what don’t I love there, though—if pressed—it’s probably a tie for me between the tea tree oil face mask (even my kids use it, for stubborn outbreaks) and the cocoa butter body butter. (Full disclosure: I love all their body butters, really, but that one smells like chocolate and it just makes me happy.)

Anyway! Right now they’ve got a whole bunch of specials running. Nearly everything on the site is 30% off, and you’ll get free shipping on every order. In addition, mini body butters are 3 for $10 (great stocking stuffers or little teacher appreciation gifts!), there’s a few other extra specials, and if you spend $50+ you get a free body scrub at checkout. Spend $100+ and you’ll get free priority shipping, too.

There will be some nutty deals coming up as we get closer to the holidays, of course, but if you’re just about out of that one thing you love (my current tub of face mask is basically empty but still in my drawer because I can scrape out the rest, I don’t want to waste it), this is a nice way to pick up a replacement.

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It’s a Premier Event

Why is it a Premier Event? I have no idea. Sure sounds fancy, though, right?

Today (Tuesday, October 4th) only, there’s a huge sale going on across the Williams-Sonoma family of stores. So it’s them, Pottery Barn, PB Teen, Pottery Barn Kids, and West Elm.

There’s a ton of one-day-only markdowns, plus coupon code SHIPFREE looks like it’ll give you free shipping at W-S and the Pottery Barn sites (doesn’t seem applicable at West Elm, unfortunately).

While most of these sites are usually too rich for my blood, with free shipping I can just about always find something I “need” (yes, yes, I know) at Williams-Sonoma, and my kids sometimes “need” something from PB Teen. A sale like this can be a good time to do a little browsing, is all I’m saying.

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Protect that screen (and get a spare)

If you have an iPhone 6/6S/7, check this out: Amazon has this Soft Fiber Glass Film iPhone 7/6/6s Screen Protectors 2-Pack listed at $7.90, which isn’t bad, anyway, but there’s a hidden coupon. Add ’em to your cart, go to checkout, and another $6.99 will be discounted, making your total for 2 screen protectors… just 90 cents. (With free Prime shipping, that is, but I assume everyone has Prime by now.)

I have a child who shall remain nameless who goes through screen protectors at, shall we say, a rather rapid rate. Stocking stuffer!

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New month, new beauty box!

target-oct-bbHappy October, and for once, Target didn’t sell out this month’s beauty box three seconds after we flipped the page on the calendar. So go and get it: the October Beauty Box is chock full of $28 worth of goodies for just $7 shipped.

Go go go! It’ll sell out fast.

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40% seems to be the theme of the week

Okay, one more big Friends & Family discount for you before the weekend: Right now at Volcom, you can use coupon code VOLFAM for 40% off nearly anything (not snow gear, but it does work on sale items).

This is a brand my kids think is “cool” and I think is “overpriced.” (Using quotation marks prevents arguments! Try it!) With the coupon code and the sale items, it brings it down to “Okay, maybe you’ll get a couple of things for Christmas” range, for me.

Shipping is free on $29 before coupon, so getting free shipping is pretty easy. Happy shopping!

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Kid growing too fast?

I know you are tired of hearing me lament the day my last kid finally outgrew The Children’s Place, but I am still bitter. It used to make my life so easy—just wait for a good sale, swoop in and get everything they needed. Easy-peasy.

Well, it’s a memory for me, but if you still have little or littlish ones, you can hop on over there today and enjoy 40% off all apparel and 30% off everything else, plus the Clearance is all at 50% off. Shipping is free on every order. This is a one-day thing (until the next one, anyway), so get on it. And—and maybe you won’t appreciate this, but I do—they used to only go up to size 14, and I see they go all the way to 16, now (including slim and husky options).

They have Halloween shirts, sure, but also their holiday dress-up options are in stock, so now’s a perfect time to buy coordinating outfits while you dream of taking a Christmas card picture that does not feature at least one child mid-meltdown. Okay, it’s possible I’m projecting….

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