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Okay, I am not going to make a single “giant ice balls” joke in this post, I swear. (Even though I really, really want to.) But apparently that’s a thing—you can make 2.5″ diameter ice balls for your cocktails or just regular drinks, and not only do they look cool, they apparently keep your drink cooler for a lot longer, and right now that set of 4 ball molds is just $6.99 at Amazon, its lowest price ever.

I’m thinking that’d be the perfect offering for a White Elephant gift exchange, or for someone who takes their cocktails very seriously. Or for anyone who giggles when they say “ice balls.”

[Update: Alert reader Katie points out that, although more expensive, if you're serious about your ice balls, you may prefer the Death Star molds.]

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Back-to-school shoe time!

Need new shoes? It’s the perfect time to shop Famous Footwear; through the weekend they’re doing Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off, plus there’s coupons to make it even better! Use code SCHOOL33 for an extra 20% off if you’re a Rewards Member, or code SCHOOL39 for 15% off if you’re not. (The Reward Program is free, and you can sign up on the site, by the way.)

Shipping is a flat $4.50, or free if you’re a Gold Rewards Member, which is beyond even my shoe-loving status, but if you have a lot of feet to cover, I guess it could happen.

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Light up the way

If you take a look over at Tools.Woot today, you’ll see they have a 6-pack of Mr. Beams LED motion-sensing night lights for $32. The same set is $54 at Amazon, and has an average of 4.5 stars with nearly 1,500 reviews.

We recently bought a couple of motion-sensing LED under-cabinet lights for our kitchen, and they have completely changed my life. On the one hand, that tells me my life is kind of boring, but on the other, it tells me that hey, I would probably like this so that I can spread the automatic lighting joy to other areas of my house.

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All the savings at Macy’s today

If you’re still back-to-school shopping, it’s an excellent day to hit up Macy’s—you can use coupon code LUCKYU to take 20% off clothing, and most other items are 15% off. That’s on top of all the sales they’re running right now, and the current Lancome bonus. (I doubt you’re buying Lancome for the kids—though if you are, hey, no judgment—but as long as you’re shopping, $35+ on Lancome today gets you a free 7-piece bonus gift, and if you spend $70+ on Lancome you get another 3-piece bonus on top of that.)

Shipping is automatically free on $99+, plus if you spend that much, returns are free as well. Of course, you can always return at your local story for free, too. And I don’t know about you, but if I can order stuff to the house for the kids to try on instead of dragging teenagers to the store, I don’t mind returning the extras one bit.

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Lunch just got more fun

Whether you’re packing lunches for the kids or eating at home, everything’s about to get a lot more fun with Amazon’s help, today.

First, their Gold Box is stuffed full of Thermos deals today, from a light-up R2D2 bag to plain insulated water bottles for any age.

Second, if you house a couple of quesadilla fiends (like I do), this best-selling Hamilton Beach quesadilla maker is down to $11.99 again (its best price ever). Necessary? Probably not. Super fun? Heck yes!

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Timing is everything at Old Navy

I clearly have back-to-school clothing shopping on the brain, today. Here’s another good one: Right now Old Navy is allowing you to take an extra 30% off with coupon code AMPM, and that’ll work until noon Pacific time, at which point it will switch to giving you 20% off until midnight Pacific time. School uniforms, Everyday Steals, and Hot Deals are excluded, but Sale/Clearance items are not, so a little digging can pay off, here.

Shipping is free on $50+, and that’s across the whole shared-cart family of stores (including Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, and of course any item from Piperlime in your cart ships your whole order for free).

[Edited to add: Looks like it's a Super Cash period, too---the more you spend, the more Super Cash you'll earn towards a future purchase!]

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Deep discounts on young adult trends

I never know how to refer to the clothing styles of older teens/young college students. Young adult? Teen? Skater-chic? Hipster-lite? Whatever you call it, Tilly’s has it, and right now they’re offering automatic additional discounts of 25% – 50% off on the stuff already on sale. We’re talking stuff for the girls starting at just a couple of bucks, and for the guys at not much more than that. Stock up before school starts, and they’ll think you’re the cool mom.

Shipping is a flat $8 up to $30, and after that, it’s free.

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If you’re shopping for tech…

… this is a pretty nice deal if you’re in the market for both a television and a computer (or something else electronic, I guess).

Today at Dell, they’re offering a promotion on this
Samsung 32 Inch LED Smart TV
. For starters, the regular price is supposedly $399, and they’re offering an instant $102 discount, bringing it down to $298 (which is closer to the price at other retailers, honestly). But here’s the awesome part—this set also comes with a $125 Dell promo credit, so if you’re wanting the TV and you’re planning another Dell purchase, that’s a slick way to rack up the savings, right there.

Shipping is free, as well. Just a little icing on the cake.

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There’s a “BAM!” for that

If you’re in the market for new cookware and you’re a fan of Emeril Lagasse, you’re in luck, today. Right now Amazon has this 12-piece Emeril by All-Clad set available for just under $130—their lowest price ever.

The thing to understand about a chef-branded offshoot line like this is that, no, this isn’t “regular” All-Clad (which is top-of-the-line, commercial-grade cookware), but a lighter-weight set that still passes professional chef muster. That is to say, it’s still pretty nice, but not commercial grade. The reviews are very favorable. And the price is pretty much unbeatable for what you get; this set includes 8″ and 10″ fry pans, an 11″ sauté pan (the two largest of those three come with lids), 1.5 qt and 3 qt lidded pots, a steamer insert for the 3 qt pot, and a 6 qt stockpot. That’s a nice starter or replacement set if you’re in need. The pots are oven-safe to 500 degrees and it’s all dishwasher safe, too.

I’m a little sad I can’t justify more cookware right now, frankly.

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Back to school scores

In addition to the usual shoe sales over at, they’re doing a bunch of Back To School spotlight sales today. That means you can get shoes and clothes, sure, but they also have some amazing deals on backpacks, tech cases, and even jewelry. (Ummm… do we need jewelry for back to school, now?)

If you have a kid who needs an indestructible backpack, search on k-swiss backpack to find a slew of 70% off options.

My favorite kind of back-to-school shopping is the kind I can do right here at my desk. My kids appreciate it, too.

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