Boost your savings, bust those stains

I hate laundry. I do. (I mean, doesn’t everyone?) But it’s possible I get a little too excited when there’s a great deal on laundry products, because I have to buy them anyway.

One of my children (not naming any names…) took 42 pairs of socks to school this year. Why? Because laundry is for the weak, man. This child only does laundry when the dresser is empty and the hamper is overflowing. Which is fine, I suppose, especially because I always send the kids off with a variety of pre-treatment stain products so that items not washed right away aren’t ruined.

So was I excited to see that Amazon currently has this 2-pack of OxiClean Max Force Gel Sticks for just $3.44? Probably too excited, honestly. But better yet, this is one of those perfect items for getting to your 5+ Subscribe & Save items for the month without breaking the bank, and then you get your free shipping and an extra 15% off, too. (Pro tip: Want more than one pack? Don’t select 2 as the quantity, just order it twice—then it counts as 2 of your 5 items!) That’s just shy of $3 for 2 sticks delivered (about half the regular price), and this way you can buy them for the kids, for the laundry closet, for the bathrooms… anywhere someone is likely to be taking off dirty clothes.

It won’t get anyone to do their laundry, but it may rescue it, anyway.

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Vera now, bask in adoration later

If you love Vera Bradley, yourself, then you probably don’t need much of an excuse to shop a sale. But even if you don’t, let me tell you a little secret: Anything from Vera Bradley makes a great gift for most of the young women in your life, especially for holidays and graduations and such. Sure, that’s all pretty far off, so how smart are you to shop ahead? So smart.

Today (Wednesday, August 23rd) is the last day to save an additional 30% on clearance items, plus get free shipping on any order. So you can grab the bag you’ve been eying or just stock up on travel tumblers for the young ladies you know who will be graduating in the spring. Whatever you like. Just don’t wait, because tomorrow this deal is over.

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Ooh la la Lancome

If you know me, you know I’m not a big makeup person. I’m more of a lazy natural person (ahem). But I do wear makeup occasionally, and every now and then I realize that despite never really using anything up, certain products do get old and gross and need to be chucked and replaced.

Enter my attentive stalking of makeup deals at places like Macy’s—I wait until they run something on sale with a bonus and then I score big. Like today, they have this Lancome Auda[city] in Paris Eye Shadow Palette marked down to $29 (they claim it’s a $346 value but c’mon; the regular price, though, is $69) with free shipping. Better still, spend $35+ on any Lancome products and you can nab this 7-piece bonus set for free (up to a $124 value).

You have no idea how thrilled I am just to find an eye shadow palette in normal colors (hello, makeup manufacturers! some of us of a “certain age” do not want glitter or electric blue, please and thanks), and I just love these bonus deals, too. It makes throwing out my old makeup so much easier to bear.

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I do love a deal on juice

I… do not understand people who drink juice. I am not a juice person. But my husband drinks orange juice every morning and both my teens love juice (possibly because I almost never buy it).

All of that said, I do feel somewhat vindicated when I’m able to find 1) juice with hidden veggies that they’ll drink and 2) a good price. That latter one goes double when we’re talking having a product shipped, because juice is heavy.

So: If you have Amazon Prime, and you like these V8 +Energy drinks, go snag a great deal—they’re currently at their lowest price ever ($15.52 for the 24-pack of either Orange Pineapple or Peach Mango), plus you’ll get up to an additional 15% off when you purchase via Subscribe & Save, plus there’s a Prime-only clippable 30% off coupon. I ended up with 24 cans for $8.53 shipped, which will surely make my kids happy until the next annoying thing I do….

(Bonus: these little 8-ounce cans are perfect for dorm fridges, and I feel slightly better thinking about my kids having a full serving of fruits/veggies while studying late at night than I would about them having Mountain Dew or something like that.)

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Catch up on Game of Thrones

So, uh, say you live under a rock. Like me. And you’ve never seen Game of Thrones, not even once, and you’re starting to think you might want to see it because it’s all anyone ever talks about, but now you’re so far behind, what’s the point?

Well, here’s a deal for you (me): There have been six (!!) complete seasons of Game of Thrones so far, and today you can snag either the DVD or Blu-ray set at Groupon at a deep discount, right now. They’ve got the DVDs for $80 and the Blu-rays for $115. (For comparison: Amazon’s lowest current prices are $122 and $159, respectively.)

Of course, I can’t tell you when you’ll have time to watch 65 hours of programming—I might be rethinking this purchase now—but that’s up to you. I just find the discounts.

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Denim for the kids, cheap

Ready for back-to-school? Shop denim for everyone from toddlers to big kids today at Children’s Place and pay just $6.99/pair for all of their basics. (Read: some of their “fancier” super-stretch and/or embellished options are more, but most jeans are $6.99.) Don’t forget that they recently added extended sizes, and they now go up to 16 in girls’ and 18 in boys’.

Shipping is free on every order, regardless of how much you buy. The Clearance section is full of goodies, too—I never did figure out how this store makes any money, regularly marking down things to just a few bucks. If your kids need clothes, get going.

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DIY? Power up with DeWALT savings

I would very much like to know why the official spelling here is DeWALT rather than DeWalt. I feel like I’m shouting, every time I type it. Maybe that’s because it’s just so manly? I have no idea.

Regardless, through the end of the month, Amazon is offering a fantastic promotion on qualifying DeWALT tool parts and accessories: when you buy 2, you get 20% off, and when you buy 3, you get 30% off. This is a crazy good deal if you need, say, bits or spare drill batteries and such, because they rarely go on sale.

There’s a couple of caveats, however. First: not every item there qualifies, so shop carefully. (Amazon hasn’t provided a landing page/grouping for this promotion, for some reason.) You’re looking for items clearly marked with this promotion, like so:

And second, I did come across a couple of items which qualify for either the 20% or the 30% promo, but not both. (Go home, Amazon. You’re drunk.) So just be aware that that’s a possibility, as well.

In short, you’ll need to endure a bit of trial and error while you’re looking around, but the savings will likely be worth it. Happy hunting!

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Another chance to stock up and save

It’s a great time to stock up on household essentials at Amazon—they’re currently offering an additional 30% off qualifying items when you buy 3 or more, which means you can easily grab the stuff you’d be buying anyway, but for an additional third off.

Do note that while you may mix and match items and you’ll get 30% off the total regardless of how many you buy, this promotion is limited to just two each of any single item. So you couldn’t, for example, just buy 3 packs of toilet paper; you’ll need to buy at least two different things in order to qualify. Also, there may be other coupons available on individual items (I noticed this tube-free Scott Tissue toilet paper has an available $.75/off clippable coupon) which you may also apply, but you cannot combine this deal with Subscribe & Save, because you need to get those 3+ items all in your cart at once.

Savings show up at checkout. Not having to lug all those paper towels and toilet paper packs home from the grocery store? Priceless.

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Soon, they’ll pay us to shop there

I feel like the natural evolution of Kohls deals is leading us to a place where we won’t even have to spend anything; they’ll just hand us merchandise (and possibly cash…) just for walking in the door.

A couple of weeks ago, they sent me a $13 Kohls-Cash-esque coupon for having had a Kohls charge card for 13 years. (Related: Hi, I’m old.) Then last week they sent me $10 bonus Kohls Cash for… I don’t even know why. And then they rolled out a new batch of coupons. So clearly the thing to do was go buy myself something pretty, but instead, I went and bought my kid underwear, because I’m That Mom. (Listen, I made a huge mistake last year. I bought my kid some fancy underwear on clearance, and of course now it’s the Best Underwear Ever and I am not paying retail to acquire underwear for my child that’s twice as expensive as my underwear. Between my free $23 and a sale and the current 30% off coupon, however, I did snag some more for almost nothing.)

If you have bonus money to spend, good on you, but even if you don’t, it’s Back To School Sale time and new coupons are out and you’ll earn $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 you spend. Kohls charge card holders can use coupon code FRIENDS30 for 30% off and code SHIPBTS for free shipping on any size order. You can also stack those with codes BTS10 for $10 off your $50+ kids/juniors/young men’s purchase of clothing and accessories, and/or INTIMATES10 for $10 off your $50+ qualifying purchase of undergoodies (totally a word).

No Kohls charge card? You’re a Luddite, but you can use code GET15 for 15% off, and you’ll get automatic free shipping on your $75+ purchase, or you can ship any size order to your local store for free.

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Pack it up, at half off

If you love Lands’ End like I do, and you’re still doing back-to-school shopping (don’t laugh, northeners—here in the south school has already started!), get on over there today for huge savings. Today (Tuesday, August 8th) they’re offering half off all backpacks and lunch boxes with coupon code BACKPACK50 and PIN 7476. You’ll get free shipping, too!

We used Lands’ End backpacks for a big chunk of my kids’ schooling, and their guarantee is amazing. Have a problem? Give them a call and you’ll get a replacement. We once got a free replacement/upgrade when a bag ripped long after that style had been discontinued. It’s truly money well spent even at full price, so at half off, it’s a crazy bargain.

Please note that you cannot get a replacement simply because your child left a smashed banana in the bottom of the bag for the entire summer. I mean, I assume. Ahem.

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