Up to 92% off? I’m there!

Some deals are easy—something like “this item is now marked down this much, go get it.”

Others require a bit more work, but they can pay off big if you have the time. This is one of those times: Right now Sierra Trading Post has taken a new round of markdowns in their Clearance, with discounts all the way up to 92% off, but most in the 60%-80% range (still nothing to sneeze at). You can also use coupon code ETJXR0317 to get free shipping on any size order.

If you haven’t shopped STP before, they specialize in outdoorsy kinds of clothing and gear, but you needn’t assume that’s all they have. I’ve gotten some super cute clothing for my kids there, housewares, and often really good deals on pet supplies, too. They have a little of everything. If you have the time to dig around a little, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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Crock on the go!

If you know me, you know I am an absolute fool for slow cookers. Sure, everyone else has moved on to the Insta-Pot craze, but I’m just over here with my 5 slow cookers, still enjoying making my house smell good all day. Anyway, I just saw this and in addition to feeding my crock pot addiction, it made me *squee* just a little bit because 1) holy good deal and 2) so cute!

Check it out: the online Crock-Pot Store is running a special where you can buy three of their adorable lunch warmers for $30 (that’s half off) and you’ll get free shipping. (Also, for reference: Still $20-$28 apiece at Amazon, and averaging 4.5 stars with over 1,600 reviews!)

Hey, we’re a family of four. Is this perfect for my husband’s office, and my kids’ dorms? Yup. Guess who’ll be getting personal warmers for Christmas? That’s right—everyone! (Your family might not need three of these? I think this would be a really cool teacher gift, too.) At $10/pop I can’t resist, and I also love that they can each get their own color. I am all over this one.

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Score some Reebok deals

For a limited time, go visit the Reebok Outlet online and use coupon code XY7-TWH-N6G for 50% off and free shipping!

Sizes and selection are limited, but if you can find something you want, it’s a heck of a deal. (For once, I’m thrilled my kid wears a relatively small shoe.)

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The Want Not Review: EmaxDesign 12-Piece Makeup Brush Set

Happy Monday! Life has been a little nutty ’round here, lately, but I did want to drop a quick few words about a purchase I made a couple of weeks back just because I’m so impressed with it. To clarify: this is a product I bought on my own, with my own money, and I am discussing it here just because I’m a happy customer.

So, let’s get to it. “It,” specifically, being this 12-piece makeup brush set at Amazon, currently listed at $11.99. (I got mine for $2 less on a Lightning Deal.)

I’m not really a makeup person in general—I don’t wear it every day, and when I do wear it for anything other than stage, I don’t wear much—so I am reluctant to spend a ton on things like brushes. However, with the exception of one beloved Clinique foundation brush I once splurged on, my cruddy, old brushes were looking pretty… cruddy and old (surprise!) when I pulled then out to get ready for stage makeup use (I’m in a show that opens this weekend), so I knew I had to go ahead and replace them, but preferably not for much money. I did some research on Amazon, and then this set came up on a Lightning Deal, so I got it.

I love them. Honestly, it’s more brushes than I need (I already handed off a few to my daughter), but they are the nicest brushes I’ve ever owned, and that includes my Clinique brush. (I’ve already discovered that I like the short-handled foundation brush in this set better than my “fancy” one.) The handles are sturdy, the bristles are dense but soft, they wash up easily and don’t shed, and I would’ve happily paid $12 just for the foundation brush. If you need brushes (or are looking for a set for a young lady but don’t want to break the bank), this is a ridiculous value even at the “regular” price, and if you can catch it on Lightning Deal for a couple of bucks less, more power to you.

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Spring into huge savings at Eddie

Ready to save big at Eddie Bauer? Their Spring Sale is on, and coupon code CLOVER gives you an additional 40% off almost everything, even Clearance items.

As much of a fool as I am for Eddie’s clothing (maybe in part due to some vanity sizing they have going on there… I wear a smaller size there than anywhere else!), I love love love their gear. With graduation and summer travel season coming up, check out the deals on their Stowaway bags, all of which are absolute steals after the coupon, and work well for bringing home souvenirs or hauling stuff to college and then folding up tiny in the closet. Get some for yourself or to give as gifts. (You’ll look like a big spender without breaking the bank.)

Shipping is free on your $99+ order (or your $25+ order, if you have Shoprunner), otherwise it starts at $7.99. What a great excuse to pick up a few things for yourself while buying gifts….

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It’s Tent Sale time at Oneida

It happens once a year, and now’s the time: Oneida‘s Tent Sale is happening right now. That means there’s markdowns all over the place, plus you can take another 20% off with coupon code TENT20.

Shipping is free on your $49+ order, otherwise it’s a flat $2.99.

This is one of my favorite sales, because I always head in there intending to pick up replacement lids or whatever, and then I end up getting a whole new storage set or new glassware, instead. I mean, I don’t mean to, but sometimes it just happens that way.

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Heads up for organization (at home or in the dorm)

Ready to vanquish the clutter at home, or starting to think about what your college kid will need in the dorm? Look no further than today’s Special Buys of the Day at Home Depot, where today only (it’s Tuesday, March 14: Pi Day!) you’ll find up to 40% off a couple dozen different storage/organization solutions from brands like Closet Maid and Honey-Can-Do. There’s shelves, carts, rolling racks… you name it, they’ve got it, discounted for the day. You’re officially out of excuses for not getting organized.

(Deal number 2 across the bottom of that page—the 4-foot ClosetMAX system with the storage shelves and double-bar—is particularly good for tiny dorm closets. I speak from experience.)

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If you prefer your apples flat

Remember back before you had kids, when you thought that if you raised them a certain way they’d be a certain way? And then how, after you had actual children, you realized your foolishness? Good times. I’m here to tell you that I have two children and one of them will happily eat any piece of fruit handed to him and the other one has all sorts of rules about what makes fruit acceptable and life is simply too short for that foolishness.

Except: Dried fruit always works, with her. I don’t know why. Maybe because that seems more like candy to my darling sugar-hound? Perhaps.

So I basically snap up Stretch Island Fruit Leathers for her whenever I see them on sale—because they’re just fruit, and fruit juice, and nothing else—and send them off to her dorm, and hope she doesn’t end up with scurvy or whatever. She’s about to get this 30-pack of apple strips because Amazon has marked it down to $5.78 (lowest price ever), plus when I order via Subscribe & Save and have 5+ subscriptions that price drops to just $4.91, or about $.16/strip.

Listen, I’d rather she take the bag of apples I offer every single time she’s home, for sure, but this is better than nothing. Or gummi bears. So.

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I like my Dystopia in book form

Can’t get enough of a world gone horribly awry? (Insert your favorite political joke here….) Right now Amazon has The Brilliance Trilogy on Kindle for just $1.20.

Now, for reference, yes, you can usually get this trilogy for $3 in the Kindle version, so it’s not like you’re saving enough to buy a new car, but whatever, savings are savings. On the other hand, each book normally goes for around $7 apiece in paperback, and click through to the reviews if you’re on the fence—these books are critically acclaimed and average 4.5 stars with thousands of reviews. It’s all Sci-Fi magic. And really, I’d spend more than $1.20 just driving to the library and back to borrow them, so I’m all over this deal.

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The March Beauty Box is here

Time to hop on over to Target for your monthly beauty bargains, my pretties: The March Beauty Box is currently available for $7 with free shipping.Items in the box would cost $25 if purchased separately, so this is (as always) a no-brainer. And that’s aside from the fun of trying new products for next to nothing.

Beauty Boxes tend to sell out quickly, so don’t delay if you want one.

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