Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Prizes start, tomorrow!

Hey there… I don’t know how you’re spending your Sunday night, but I’m in my office going over the goodies I’ve snagged to make your Black Friday week amazing. This is your reminder that there will be giveaways every day this week (even on Thanksgiving!) as well as on Cyber Monday, and that’s on top of making sure I’m rounding up the best deals for your holiday shopping. Is there anything better than Big Prize Week? (Don’t answer that. Let me believe this is the best thing. It’s the most fun thing I do all year, anyway.)

In the past, each giveaway has been open from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm each day, but this year I may be changing it up a little bit, on account of I decided the frantic holiday season was the perfect time to be in a play. (Haha! I’m so smart! Ahem.) So yeah, um, I think we’ll be shifting from 8-8 to 10-10 to accommodate rehearsals, but we’ll see how the week goes.

I know posting here has been light of late, but it’s time to play Santa for the week, and I’m ready. Are you? See you here tomorrow morning!

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One day steals, to warm you up for next week!

I’ll confess that dropped down several notches on my “favorite bargain places” when they stopped offering free shipping on every order. I mean, yes, the prices are still amazing, and free shipping on 2+ items or $50+ is still pretty good, but I just… stopped checking over there as often.

Well! I’m glad I checked today, because they’ve got a one-day-only section of items eligible for an additional 50% off. Clearing out for Black Friday? Just checking to see who’s around? I don’t know, and I don’t care. With the additional savings, items start at just a few bucks, which means I can always add a pair of eligible socks to my order if I only find one thing I need.

Then again, with prices like these, I don’t think finding at least two things is going to be a problem….

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You can make this one worth it

Okay, so this is one of those “good news/bad news” sorts of coupons. Today (Friday, November 17th) (hold me how is it already nearly Thanksgiving??) only, there’s an eligible 30% off your $30+ purchase coupon available at Office Depot. They tend to mostly offer $10 off $50+ and such, so this is a great discount from them.

The bad news is that you can’t use it on coffee (tricky; that was my first thought) or paper (my second) or ink/toner (third) or furniture (this is where I started to get really annoyed…) as well as a handful of other exclusions. So that’s… not great.

But the good news is that you can use it on… lots of other stuff! Like snacks, or clearance school supplies if you’re the stock-up sort. You may have to be a little creative, but there are definitely deals to be had where you can save the extra money. (If you like those fancy Modern Oats oatmeal cups, they’re already on sale, for example, and you can beat Amazon’s price with the coupon.)

Remember that you get free shipping on your $25+ order, and that’s before the coupon.

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Save even more on the trends

Love all things trendy over at Tillys for the tweens and teens on your list? Bop on over there right now, because they’ve just discounted nearly everything in the Clearance section by an additional 50% (prices are as marked). Then use coupon code SLICKFS for free shipping, too, so you can buy a little or a lot and not worry about paying for shipping.

I’ve gotten some excellent deals there on things like trendy shoes for my kids (hello, clearance Vans and Toms!), as well as little accessories for stockings or whatever. I suspect they’re trying to clear some things out before the big Black Friday push, and with a free shipping coupon, I’m happy to help them out!

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The less-messy way to stuff a stocking with cake

Stocking stuffers are their whole own thing in my family, and aren’t limited to the traditional orange in the toe and a few chocolates. (For example: My daughter gets packets of veggie broth concentrate every year, and has since she went vegetarian almost a decade ago. Why? I don’t know. She just does.) In our house, the weirder the better.

Cake seems like it wouldn’t work well in a stocking, but what if it was this completely dorm-friendly (or little-kid-after-school-friendly) box of Duncan Hines mug-size cookies-and-cream cake mixes? Reviews are mixed, but personally I’m not expecting an envelope of microwave cake mix to be either health food or a gourmet affair, so I’m okay with that. At just $1.25 for the 4-pack, they’re a perfect Add-On to round out a Prime order, or—better still—to get you up to your 5 Subscribe & Save orders for the month so you get 15% off of all of ’em. (You know you can do them as separate orders, right? I have two kids, so I did two separate S&S orders and now I’m up to 5, which means I’m getting them for $1.06/box.)

Take the envelopes out of the box and voila: Cake in your stocking! I bet it goes great with veggie broth.

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They should call it the scruff-tamer

Okay, so, here’s an example of a time I’m really glad my son doesn’t bother to look at my website.

I’ve been shopping for months, doing research and looking at different models, because my son is… ahhhh… not so much about shaving. And that’s fine—you do you, kid!—but he does periodically ask for some assistance in cleaning up a little. I think there’s a fine line between “millennial with a charmingly offhand goatee” and “possibly homeless teen,” so I’m all for keeping things tidy as easily as possible.

In addition, he already owns an electric razor, which was ditched after about a year when he discovered that he really doesn’t like shaving. And now he has no idea where it is. Which doesn’t drive me insane at all. (Ahem.)

So! I’ve had a few different models of beard trimmers in my Amazon cart for a few months. Remington has led the pack, for the most part. On the one hand, this Platinum Beard Boss is the highest-rated of the trimmers in contention, and there was even a coupon running on it for a while, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that much in case the new trimmer ends up joining the old razor in oblivion. On the other hand, this Crafter Beard Boss, although smaller and less fancy, has overall good reviews and just dropped to its lowest price ever of $21. I can live with that, and given that things haven’t gone full-on Lumberjack (at least yet?), I think it’ll be sufficient. One more Christmas gift down.

Will he ever use it away at college if I’m not around to nag him? Probably not. Let’s not think about it.

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A quick Kohls follow-up

Okay, so as alert commenter Michele pointed out on this last post with various Kohls codes, today (Friday, November 10th—Veterans Day), you can also use coupon code VETSDAY for $10 off your $25+ purchase at Kohls, and of course that’s stackable with your percent-off coupons and free shipping.

So if, say, you finally went and ordered that Fiestaware you’ve been wanting forever, today would be a good day to pick up a serving bowl or a couple of mugs or whatever. (Not that I know anyone who did that, of course, but I hear someone recently turned “excited about getting new dishes for Christmas” years old. Probably just a rumor.)

As a reminder, dollars-off coupons always get calculated first, then the percent-off ones. Unfortunately. Still, I’m not turning down $10 off.

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Kick it off at Kohls

Every year I try to jump on the Kohls deals in early November instead of waiting for Black Friday (because they’re very similar, save for the fact that you get even more Kohls Cash on that magic Friday), and every year I end up shopping both now and later. I don’t know if this is a bad thing, honestly.

Anyway! Right now the new batch of coupons is out, the Doorbusters are already happening, and you’ll earn $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 you spend. You could wait to shop, but what fun is that?

Here you go: non-card-holders get free shipping to the store or free home shipping on $75+, plus you can use coupon code QUICK15 for 15% off any order. Kohls charge card holders (a.k.a., the smart people) can use code SPLURGE30 for 30% off any order, plus code SHIP4FREE for free shipping on any size order. And everyone can also stack code DIAMOND20 for 20% off fine jewelry and/or code PLAYTIME10 for $10 off your $50+ Melissa & Doug toys purchase.

Consider this your pregame for the end of the month.

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Tees, please!

Ready to start stocking up on awesome t-shirts with snarky saying and pop culture references and just plain cool designs for the entire family? I got you.

Right now at Busted Tees, all regular-price shirts are half off with coupon code FALLFRESH. (Most of their shirts are $20, so this makes ’em just $10 apiece.) Shipping starts at $6.99 but is free on your $80+ order.

Meanwhile, at Threadless, most shirts are currently marked down to $15, and if you use coupon code HOLIDAYSHIP17 you’ll get free shipping on your $75+ order.

Between these two sites and Shirt.Woot, my teenagers hardly ever get shirts anywhere else. And I have a few, myself.

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No need to wait for Black Friday

Ready to get a jump on the deals? Look no further than Target, because they’re not only sharing their Black Friday flyer today, they’re making select deals available online, today only! Just go to their Black Friday page to check out the ad and the one-day-only deals you can nab right now.

Deals range from toys to decor, baby stuff to movies. A little of everything, in other words.

The icing on the cake? Free shipping on every order from now through December 23rd. If there’s anything I like better than deals from Target, it’s deals from Target with free shipping.

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