Another chance to grab local Groupons for less

Had your eye on a local Groupon deal, but hesitating? Let me help: Today (August 18th) only, you can use coupon code EXTRA for an additional 20% off any Local Groupon, for a max discount of up to $50. (You can also use it for 10% off Goods or Getaways.) I know all the jokes about never letting someone near you with a laser if you purchased their services off of Groupon (har har), but I’m here to tell you I’ve done two Groupons for laser hair removal and the price was fantastic and the experience was great. (I mean, if you can call being repeatedly zapped with a laser great.) I love it when they do this extra savings deal.

If laser isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of other options—save on a haircut, massage, local class, or more. The possibilities aren’t endless, but they’re pretty close. And with an extra 20% off prices which are already in the 75% off range, there’s no reason to hesitate.

Coupon is valid on one unit per transaction, and up to three Local, Getaway, and Goods deals total. And it’s only good today, so get moving!

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Kick off the week with Lilly deals

I’m not really a Lilly Pulitzer fan, myself—I’m more of a “funny t-shirt and cargo shorts” type than an “effortless floral shift” type—but I know a lot of women who just love her stuff. Of course, I also know a lot of women who would never, ever pay full price for Lilly stuff, because they want to look great but also want to be able to feed their kids and other frivolous things like that.

Anyway! Today you’ve got two places to save big on Lilly: If you look in the Amazon Gold Box, the first deal along the Lightning Deal line is actually a full-day deal on Lilly Pulitzer clothing—up to 70% off. And then if you look at the first splash page deal today over at, that’s discounted Lilly stuff, too! I guess it makes sense, with them all being owned by the same folks, now, but I’m seeing different deals between the two sites.

If you love Lilly, this is a good day to scoop up a deal.

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Keurigs, half price

If you’ve been waiting for the right deal to take the Keurig plunge, today’s the day:

Right now on the Keurig site, you can take half off any Keurig 2.0 brewer with coupon code DPSFRIEND. You’ll get free shipping, too.

Personally my coffee habit has reached the point where a whole pot is never enough (so I’m not interested in single-cup brewers), but if you’re in the market, this deal is hard to beat.

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Fizzy beverage, hold the junk

My kids are old enough that I don’t freak out if they drink the occasional soda—it’s not like I can stop them now, anyway—but when they were younger I was forever trying to find acceptable-to-them substitutes so they wouldn’t feel deprived but also weren’t having tons of sugar and additives. When we first discovered Izze, I was thrilled. Fruit juice and sparkling water, and nothing else… plus, fun flavors I liked as much as the kids did. Perfect!

Right now Amazon has a couple of Izze flavors available at 24 cans for $15—which is pretty good, already—but there’s also a clippable 20% off coupon, and additional savings via Subscribe & Save. If you’re up to 5+ subscriptions for the month, it comes out to just $9.75, or about $.41/can.

The kids get a treat, and you don’t even have to feel guilty. (Except maybe if you sneak a few for yourself, because they’re pretty yummy.)

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Back-to-school shoe cool

Are skater shoes a hit in your house? It doesn’t come any cooler than DC Shoes, if so, and right now on top of their sale prices and always free ground shipping, you can apply coupon code DC40 for an additional 40% off!

There’s various accessories and some clothing in addition to shoes, but whatever you buy, you’ll be saving big.

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Laptops don’t get much cheaper than this

Okay, so, I don’t know a ton about non-Apple computers, but what little I know tells me that today’s main Woot deal of HP Stream 11.6″ refurbished laptops for just $112 is a pretty good deal. These are not power machines; they’re not built for serious gaming or other heavy usage, but for a kid, or for an email/word processing/web-surfing machine? You’d be hard-pressed to find a comparable model at that price point.

These are slim and lightweight, with flash drives (read: no moving parts, so perfect for backpacks and not-so-gentle users), and a good choice when your computing needs are simple and your budget is small.

For comparison: Amazon carries the model with a Celeron processor (rather than this one, which has the arguably superior dual-core processor) available for $179. Although Woot’s offering is refurbished, it’s a slightly nicer build. Make of that what you will.

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Kick off a week of pet deals with dog beds

Every day this week, Petco is offering one incredible online deal for one day only. It’s worth keeping an eye on if you’ve got furbabies (or, um, other kinds of pets, I guess?) to spoil.

Today’s deal: Get 40% off dog beds with coupon code cdogbed40 at checkout.

I recently bought a second bed for our dog-who-likes-dog-beds to have a dedicated spot in our family room. Our dog-who-never-likes-dog-beds promptly took possession of it, probably just to be a jerk to the other dog. Part of me is tempted to buy another one, so they both have beds in there, but rationally I know that will only lead to neither of them deigning to touch either bed….

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Converse cool, then and now

I love that when I was a young teen, the in thing was Converse sneakers, and now the in thing for my teens is… Converse sneakers. They still love them even when I tell them I used to wear them (which is, of course, super embarrassing) and even when I wear mine now (beyond embarrassing, I’m sure). Ha!

Today at Converse online, you can take an extra 25% off just about everything with coupon code SUMMER25. Plus there’s free shipping for a limited time, so even if all you want is some replacement laces, you’re covered. But if you combine the coupon and some of the stuff in the Sale section, you could be sending your kids back to school in style without breaking the bank.

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Last day for doorbusters at Kohls

I don’t know how I almost missed this one, but it’s another perfect time to shop at Kohls and reap aaaaaaaall the rewards. Check it out:

There’s thousands of doorbusters happening through the end of today. Pro tip: Still missing a few items for your college freshman? There’s tons of dorm deals, including lots of twinXL bedding.

Earn $10 of Kohls Cash for every $50 you spend (after coupons).

Shipping is free to your local store for pickup, or on $75+ for everyone to your home, or Kohls card holders can use code FREE4MVC for free home shipping on any size order.

Everyone can use code BACK2SCHOOL for 15% off, or Kohls card holders can use code SLUSHIE for an additional 30% off.

Am I a sucker for Kohls during these promotions? Absolutely. I spent $100, saved $180 between sales/coupons, and I’ll get $20 Kohls Cash for next time. Hard to argue with that.

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Back-to-school cool for the tweens/teens

Nothing I do seems to sway my teen daughter from her love of all things Aeropostale. (And it’s not that I don’t like their stuff, it’s that I feel like an inordinate percentage of their stuff is simply an advertisement for their store. I don’t want a store name taking up the entire front of my shirt. Also, get off my lawn.)

Anyway! Get ready for back to school and make your kids happy—shop Aero today and you can take advantage of their “Employee Discount” pricing: code BTS30 will take an extra 30% off of absolutely everything. It even works on Clearance! This is a way to get them what they want without paying crazy prices.

Shipping is free on $75+. I’d like to suggest you spend less, but if your teens are anything like mine, yeah, good luck with that.

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