Blasts from the past, blowout-sale style

If you’re the sort of person who stocks up during the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale—and I’m not saying I am; pay no attention to that pile of body creams behind me—now’s the time to stock up and indulge your nostalgia. They not only put the entire store on sale, they brought back a bunch of favorite fragrances from years past. Most items are buy 2, get 1 free (good) and buy 3, get 2 free (better).

I’m a fool for brown sugar and fig, personally, but I do remember when cucumber melon was the “in” thing, because I’m pretty old (as my kids like to tell me).

Unfortunately, there’s no free shipping option this time ’round; shipping is a flat $9.99 (yikes) on orders under $10, but a flat $5.99 (more manageable) on orders over $10. Fortunately, you can also use coupon code DISCOVER20 for another 20% off (some exclusions apply), so you can likely recoup your shipping costs, that way.

Just a friendly reminder, here on the first official day of summer: Buy and save now, stuff stockings later. You’re welcome.

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Score one-day-only Kohls mystery savings

This post is sponsored by As always, all opinions are my own.

I don’t think it’s any secret that I have a small Kohls shopping addiction. Hey, as addictions go, it’s hardly even a vice. They carry just about anything I might want for my family or my home, plus between the deals and coupons and the Kohls Cash, I’m saving a bundle.

Today (Sunday, June 19th, 2016; happy Father’s Day!) is about to get a whole lot better for you and for me, because Kohls is doing a one-day-only mystery savings event, and with the help of I’m here to help you justify your shopping. All you have to do is visit the mystery coupon generator and take it from there. There are 30,000 unique codes available: 7,500 people will receive 20% off, 19,500 people will receive 30% off, and 3,000 lucky shoppers will receive 40% off. The only catch is that the codes are only good today—they expire at 11:59 Central Time tonight.

Now, you can use your code to buy absolutely anything you want on the site, but I have a couple of suggestions because 1) I always have suggestions and 2) you know the only thing I like better than a discount is stacking discounts for a crazy good deal.

Pet Spaces Cuddler BedFirst suggestion: I actually bought this Pet Spaces Cuddler bed a couple of weeks ago because it was marked so far down (c’mon, $10 before coupons, from $40? no-brainer), and also because my the last time I tried to buy a new bed for Duncan (because his is in tatters), Licorice promptly commandeered it because she’s a jerk. That bed she stole was kind of expensive, too, because she’s a jerk with excellent taste. So I ordered this one, instead, mostly because it was ridiculously cheap (I had a 30% off coupon, so it was under $8) and it is now the nicest dog bed we own—super plush and comfy, and now at night when I tell Duncan to go to bed, he doesn’t even bother begging to get into bed with us, he goes straight to his bed and curls up. Magic! I’m buying two more of these, just to have as backups. Or maybe I’ll buy a bunch and give some to the rescue where we got Licorice. At this price (and with the extra savings, too), I can be generous.

neatfreak-closetmaxSecond suggestion: I know I’ve hardly mentioned (hahahahaaaaaaa) that my oldest is leaving for college soon, but we’ve started looking into closet organization stuff because she will be sharing a closet with her roommate. Enter the neatfreak closetMax system—pretty much anything she could possibly want, nice and sturdy, and prices that don’t make me choke. (We’ve already purchased the 6-shelf organizer, but I think with the coupon I may go back for the 4-cubby organizer with hanging bar. Girlfriend has a lot of stuff.) Or… maybe I just start shopping for my other kid. Sure, I have a year, but… a deal’s a deal….

In conclusion, I shop too much at Kohls, and if you do, too, go grab your coupon and buy yourself (or your pet, or your kid) something pretty.

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Stock up on bras!

The weekend sale is gearing up at Macy’s, and that means web busters galore, including this blowout bras special where buying 2 or more from their vast assortment brings the price down to just $9.99 apiece. Buy 3 or more and your total will be over the $25 needed for free shipping on your order.

There’s plenty of other awesome discounts to be had, too, but the bras thing stood out to me, because anyone with breasts is aware that bras are pretty much the most expensive piece of essential clothing we’re expected to buy. So.

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Score the deals now, be warm later

I know winter seems impossibly far away, but it’ll be back before you know it. Good thing there are some crazy-good deals happening at Finish Line right now on things like fleece. If you’re willing to think about shopping for later when it’s a billion degrees outside, victory can be yours.

Just for example, this North Face zip Glacier Trail jacket for men is marked down to just $34.99. I’m not entirely sure what the big deal about North Face is, but even here in the south that seems to still be the hallmark of “cool” among my teens and their friends. And of course it wears like iron and last forever, so there’s that, too.

If shipping to your local store for pickup is available, that’s free; otherwise, you’ll pay $6.99 to ship your first item and another $2.99 for each additional one. (You know how I feel about paying for shipping, but the prices here are so ridiculously low I will give them a pass.) Buy now, celebrate later.

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Because you only get one set of teeth

Every time I go to the dentist for a cleaning, he both compliments me on the excellent state of my teeth and tries to sell me an overpriced sonic toothbrush. Um. Thanks? But no thanks. Why would I buy a supposed top-of-the-line model (complete with the dentist’s mark-up!) when I could get something like this highly-rated Oral-B Vitality Floss Action Rechargeable toothbrush, instead, for under $15? It’s currently marked down to $19.96 and there’s an available $5 coupon to clip. (You can also snag this 3-pack of replacement heads with an available $3 coupon to clip, and if you buy via Subscribe & Save you could end up paying as little as about $11 for ’em.)

At this price, it’s a no-brainer. And based on the reviews, I don’t think you’re getting an additional $100+ of “extra” on a more expensive model. But hey, if you want to spend more, I certainly can’t stop you.

[Edited to add: One coupon use per account. If you have two kids, like I do, text your spouse “please go clip this coupon and buy one of these.” Mine didn’t even ask why, which is a sign of a perfect marriage, obviously.]

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Make a summer splash at Stride Rite today

Do you love Stride Rite shoes for the kids, but are significantly less jazzed by their regular prices? That’s okay, you just have to strike while the iron is hot (translation: when there’s a sale). Like today! Today only (Tuesday, June 14th), they’ve marked down most of their hottest in-season styles by 30%, which means you can pick up those great-fitting, great-supporting styles your kids love, at a price you can stomach. No need to wait for off-season clearance, which is good, because my kids always loved to grow several shoe sizes overnight when I didn’t have any bigger shoes lying around for them. Maybe yours are a bit more considerate, but I doubt it.

Shipping is free if you’re a member of their Rewards program (free to join); otherwise, spend $75+ to get free shipping.

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Yeah, Baby(daddy)

You know, Father’s Day is coming up. And is there a trio of movies more dad-humored than the Austin Powers films? I think not. So go ahead and scoop up this Austin Powers Triple Feature Blu-ray set at Amazon for just $9, and allow that special dad in your life to kick back with three of the most ridiculous movies out there.

Really, the only more “dad” movies out there than these are the Airplane ones, but these are a very close second.

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Yet another time to get your Kohls on

If you were to ask me if it’s a scam, this whole thing where you keep earning Kohls Cash and then spending it and getting more—wedging you into the endless loop of Kohls shopping—I would say that it might be, sure, but have you seen how much you can save??

I just spent my Kohls Cash from the last round, seems like, and here they are letting you earn more, plus there’s the latest round of coupons. So: shop now, cardholders can use coupon code BBQ30 for 30% off and JUNESHIP for free shipping, plus if you’re spending $40+ on something they’d consider a Father’s Day purchase, everyone can use code DADSDAY10 for another $10 off.

There’s Bonus Buys and sales and in case you’re wondering, they have about eighty gajillion different “hang this shelving unit thingie in your closet” options, which is how my Kohls Cash got spent after a heated argument lively discussion with my soon-to-depart college freshman. Ahem.

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If you love Marimekko…

… then chances are that you were thrilled about the whole Marimekko collection that came to Target, although maybe slightly less thrilled about the fact that then hordes of people commenced buying everything to sell on eBay.

Well, if you love both Marimekko and bocce—or if you need to buy a wedding/house gift, maybe?—you may be excited to see that right now this Marimekko bocce set is clearanced at $29.98 (down from $100, which is nutso) and you can snag one with free shipping. I don’t know why anyone would care if the bag has a pretty pattern, but maybe you do. Or someone you need a gift for does. I don’t know your life.

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It’s my favorite way to Get More

If you have a Discover card, don’t forget to check out your quarterly opportunity to Get More—every three months you can activate an added Cashback Bonus on certain categories. Signups for July – September are now open, and you’ll earn 5% on up to $1,500 worth of purchases at Home Improvement stores and Amazon.

Extra cashback at Amazon?? If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up.

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