It’s never too early for holiday stock-up

Ready to get ready for next Christmas? No? What if I told you that all of the holiday clearance at Williams-Sonoma is not only marked way, way down, it all ships for free?

I might not get any edibles to save until next December—though if you just want some peppermint bark cookies to get you through the rest of February, I don’t judge—but there’s plenty of other holiday goodies you could easily save until the time is right.

There’s a bunch of other President’s Day deals going on, too, but hey, cheap Christmas crackers! And other stuff.

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Snag a Valentine’s deal from American Eagle

Love American Eagle? Love ‘em even more this weekend—all of their clearance items are an additional 60% off when you add them to your cart, and everything ships for free. Even better, coupon code WKNDLOVE stacks, and it’ll give you $10 off $40+, $20 Off $75+, or $30 Off $100+, too.

There’s tons of cute sweaters on sale for the girls. And I’m about to go shopping for my son, but I need a minute to breathe into this paper bag, first, because that’s what happens when I shop in the men’s department for him, don’t judge me. (He is a widdle baby, you understand, except that… he’s not, anymore.)

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If you’re in the market for a flat iron…

… be sure to check out the pre-Valentine’s deals at Folica today. If you look at the rotating carousel of deals on the main page, the next-to-last offer (the fifth dot from the left, or the next-to-last one from the right) is a colored 1-1/4″ Solia flat iron for just $60 when you use coupon code LOVELY.

You may recall that a few years back I tested a Solia iron and gave one away, and my conclusion was that it was a really nice iron (as good as my trusty GHD, which cost a lot more). Folica’s normal price is $90 for the black one or $80 for either the pink or purple. With the coupon you’ll be saving another 25%, and of course shipping is free on your $50+ order.

For comparison/review purposes: Here it is on Amazon, at the same $80/$90 price-point, with a 4.5 star review over 160 reviews. $60 is a steal for this unit.

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Surprise Sale? I’m there.

If you love all things Kate Spade (except for the price, of course…), today’s the day to get on over to their Sale page—they’re having a surprise sale with up to 75% off.

Yes, even on sale, their prices are… not exactly cheap. But the few Kate Spade items I own are amazing and will probably last forever. Their stuff is lovely.

If you want in, hurry up—the sale ends tonight.

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Have you been waiting to Kohls?

It’s not as though you have to wait terribly long for a bunch of good deals/coupons at Kohls—lord knows they have a sale just about every week—but still, sometimes the planet align juuuust right.

Today starts their Big Sale of the week, with tons of online Doorbusters on everything from clothing to blenders (and everything in-between). On top of that, everyone gets free shipping on $75+ and everyone earns $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 spent. If you have a Kohls charge card, you can take another 30% off with coupon code HUGS30, plus get free shipping on any size order with coupon code FEBMVC. No Kohls card? You can still save an extra 15% with coupon code FEB15.

It’s possible there are some price mistakes in the Doorbusters. I’m just saying I may have just ordered a sweater for… $.19. I don’t know if it’ll actually show up, but I’m just mentioning it.

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Skip over to the Place for kids’ clothes

Kids need new clothes (or maybe you’re ready to stock up for next year)? Head over to Children’s Place today, where nearly everything is already marked 40% off (shoes and accessories are only 25% off). That’s pretty good, but you can stack coupon code SPRDM20FY with the existing deals to take off another 20% and get free shipping, too.

You know that when you get consecutive percentages off you can’t add them, right? So 40% off and then 20% off is not 60% off, but it is a little more than 50% off, and that’s pretty good.

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All the Skittles in the world

Well, okay, maybe it’s not all the Skittles in the world, but this 2-pack of 41-ounce Skittles is, in fact 82 ounces, or just over 5 pounds. That’s a lot of Skittles.

The current price is $13.96, which is already pretty ridiculously low, and then there’s a 20% off coupon to clip and additional savings/free shipping when you buy via Subscribe & Save, meaning your total could be as low as as $9.08 shipped. For five pounds of Skittles.

I could buy this for my teens and make myself a hero. Decisions, decisions….

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Geek out with this awesome bundle

Got nerdlings? Spend as little as $15 and you can snap up this incredible geeky book bundle today. It looks a little young for my kids, but great for the elementary/middle school set, I think. And you certainly can’t beat the price.

[Thanks, Cool Mom Picks!]

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Eight is great, and $10 is pretty good, too

If you have small children and you’re not singing them all of your favorite ditties from Schoolhouse Rock, I don’t know if we can still be friends. Because I’m just a bill, yeah I’m only a bill….

Er, I mean, right now Amazon has the Special 30th Anniversary Edition Schoolhouse Rock DVD available for just $9.99. That’s nearly 5 hours of educational and earworm-y programming down at Conjunction Junction (what’s your fuuuunction?), so get on it.

(If this post makes no sense to you, please get off my lawn, whippersnapper.)

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Tickle your Tervis

If you love all things Tervis, you know how hard it is to find these magical tumblers on sale. (It’s not impossible, but it’s pretty hard.) If you have your heart set on a particular one or set, though, you may just break down and shop directly at Tervis online, in which case this is for you: Right now, you can use coupon code WINTER15 for free shipping on any size order. Not a bad chunk of savings if you were going to order there, anyway.

They’re also running a special on a couple of Snoopy tumblers—they’ll run you just $5 each if you spend $50+. Shipping is automatically free on $75+, so the Snoopy deal may be the better bargain if you’re buying a lot.

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