For the graphic novel crowd

If you have teens who are into graphic novels, you may share my frustration in finding good ones at reasonable prices. (Not that we don’t love the library, of course.) Right now Amazon has Wytches Volume 1 (that’s issues 1-6) by Scott Snyder for just $4.99 shipped if you have Prime.

That’s a great price on a well-reviewed collection by a very popular author, and to me, it’s a no-brainer. One caveat: This is not for the younger or easily disturbed crowd. Wytches is horror and is characterized in one review as “the most terrifying comic you’ll ever read.” So, you know, proceed with caution. If it’s your jam, though, the price is unbeatable.

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Even more secondhand bargains

Love all the deals for online gently-used clothing? Check out Twice today—the day before they are acquired by eBay—and you’ll get a $10 credit through my referral link, plus you can use coupon code FINAL30 to take an additional 30% off clearance items.

I’m finding the site a little slow, but there’s definitely goodies to be had. The coupon will work through 11:59 p.m. tonight, Pacific time.

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Stock up on essential back-to-school gear

I know, some of you aren’t back to school for another couple of months, but back to school will be here before you know it, regardless. And everyone—even the grown-ups!—needs new socks and undies, right? Right. So hop on over to Hanes right now for their biggest sale of the season on essentials and get everyone outfitted before school starts and Junior fesses up that he can only find three pairs of underwear, and really, he has no idea what happened to the other ones.

Shipping is automatically free on your $60+ order, or use code 89404 for $1.99 shipping on any size order.

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Stop fighting for the charger

Now that we’re a 4-phone family, it seems like everyone is muscling in for charger space in the kitchen (no matter how many times or ways I try to arrange alternate charging “stations” elsewhere in the house). My latest attempt at a solution? This Anker Multi Port USB Wall Charger Charging Station Portable Power Adapter, which has great reviews and is currently at its all-time-low price of just $5.99 delivered from Amazon (if you have Prime). It’ll charge 4 USB devices at a time, so everyone can plug their phones in, or we can charge a couple of phones and an iPad and a Nook or whatever. The point is that one outlet now gets me 4 USB cords and rapid charging, so maybe my rotten children won’t constantly be squabbling over who gets to plug in.

[And while I’m at it, here’s a pro tip for cord squabbles: Buy different color cords. It completely ended the whole “But that’s my cord!” shenanigans (we even used to flag the white cords with different tapes and my teens started accusing each other of tampering with it). We have these and I’ve been very happy with ’em.]

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If you love Mrs. Meyer’s…

… don’t miss these coupons currently on Amazon: Clip the available coupon to get 20% off either the 3-pack of hand soap or the 3-pack of dish soap in various scents. Combined with Subscribe & Save, that brings ’em down to $8.62 or $8.08, respectively, shipped.

(And speaking of Amazon: Did anything get anything truly amazing yesterday? Prime Day seemed like a big bust, to me.)

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Surprise Specials Day? Okay!

For the first time possibly ever, Macy’s is offering free shipping on absolutely every order today. No catch, no kidding.

They’re also calling it Surprise Specials Day, which means there’s tons of deals around, but only for today. And coupon code DEALS gives you an additional 20% off just about everything.

Not that I’m not enjoying Prime Day, but this is pretty good, too.

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Prime Day, all day!

So Amazon‘s big Prime Day event is here, and they claim it’s going to be bigger than Black Friday. Hmmmm. They do have some deals running all day, like a $10 credit on select gift card multi-pack purchases, up to 40% off Kindle and Fire devices, etc. And of course there’s more Lightning Deals than usual. Do keep an eye on those.

My assessment is that yes, there’s plenty of deals, but—as always—some are better than others. I’m laughing at all the sold-out Lightning Deals because some of them are things like 30% off a household product. I mean, if you were going to buy it anyway, great! Save some money. But I suspect we’re seeing some thrill-of-the-chase decisions happening, here. Choose carefully. If you don’t want to miss a Lightning Deal, by all means, toss it in your cart. Then check the price and make sure it’s a deal you can’t live without before you buy.

I am a little sad about missing the deal on a gallon of Nature’s Miracle, though. That stuff is gold when you have animals. (“Honey, guess what I got you for Christmas!”)

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It all ships for free, today

Happy birthday, Woot! Today you’re 11, and that means you’re starting to have mood swings, you’re developing acne, you’ve started to smell a little more pungent, and suddenly you know everything. How delightful.

To celebrate, the fine folks over at Woot are offering free shipping on every order on all of their sites, today (Monday, July 13th) only. That means you can stock up on Shirt.Woot shirts or buy a month’s supply of dehydrated food (that’s gross enough; at first I typed “foot” instead of “food” and how much would a month’s supply or dehydrated feet be, anyway?) from Sport.Woot or whatever. Pay no shipping. Zilch. Nada. None. But only today—so get shopping if you need something.

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Positively shoetastic

If you haven’t visited Nordstrom Rack online lately, you’re missing out. They’ve just taken another round of markdowns on women’s shoes, and I’m currently sifting through 50+ pages of shoes available for under $25. Craziness!

Shipping is free on $100+, otherwise it starts at $7.95. But do some of that back-to-school shopping now and you won’t have any problem loading up on enough deals to get the free shipping.

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Coffee for everyone

If you’re in the market for a new coffeemaker—the regular drip kind, not a single-serve one—right now the Amazon Lightning Deals contain the Cuisinart DCC-1150BKFR 10 Cup Thermal Coffee Maker for just $39.99 (its lowest price ever).

After our last coffeemaker bit the dust, this is the one I ended up buying after an obsessive amount of research. I’ve been very happy with it, and I paid about 30% more than what it costs right now. It’s fast, it keeps the coffee warm, and it feeds my addiction. Er, I mean, it makes tasty coffee. That’s it.

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