Body butters and other favorites

I tend to do a once-a-year stock-up at The Body Shop, because I have a special little ritual that goes like this: “Oh!” I say (when I see a sale there), “I just love those body butters for little thank-you gifts and teacher gifts and pick-me-up gifts… I’ll replenish my stash!” And I go ahead and stock up on various ones and then… I give some of them away. But… while I never set out to buy any for me (you know, because I can just use drugstore lotion or whatever; see also: How many Jewish grandmothers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? “Never mind, I’ll just sit here in the dark!”), I always end up justifying that I’ve overpurchased or it’s almost time to buy again or I’ve run out of generic lotion, and then I use it, wondering all the while why I don’t just buy it for myself in the first place.

(Obviously I’m hoping that telling you this story is going to help me face my body butter addiction.)

Anyway! Today they’ve got tons of items marked 40% off—including many of my favorite body butters—plus you’ll get free shipping on any size order. In addition to that, anything discontinued is up to 75% off. And if body butters aren’t your thing (are there people for whom body butters aren’t exciting? what’s that like?), there’s plenty of other products in the sale from which to choose.

If you need a body butter recommendation, hit me up. I am allllllll about the body butters.

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Even though I don’t understand this WKND

Uhhhhh… I’m not entirely sure what’s going on at Macy’s these days… but I do know that right now they’re having a “SUPER WKND SALE” even though 1) it’s Wednesday and 2) “WKND” is not a word.

But whatever, right? Use coupon code WKND for extra savings on top of the deals, and even better, this Summer Beauty Sampler is currently marked down to just $6.99 (and it’s a $31 value!), plus if you buy it you’ll get free shipping on your entire order.

Considering that you’d pay about $5 just for that tiny container of Philosophy Purity (not knocking the product, which I love, just the stupidity of tiny bottles with big prices…), the price is really a ridiculous bargain. Plus I’m sure you can find something else you want there but wouldn’t want to pay shipping for….

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Almost missed this Shirt.Woot awesomeness

Happy 10th birthday to Shirt.Woot! To celebrate, today only (Thursday, July 20th), they’re offering $10 off your $20+ Shirt.Woot purchase, plus free shipping. (Savings show up at checkout.)

This is the perfect opportunity to pick up a couple (or ten…) geeky t-shirts for you or those in your family who enjoy such things. My son, for example, sees no reason to acquire shirts anywhere else….

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Heads up, A Wrinkle in Time fans

Oh my goodness, have you seen the trailer for the new movie? I think I’ve watched it ten times.

A Wrinkle in Time was my favorite book series, as a kid, and the first attempt at making it into a movie in 2003 was… not good. I made do as an adult with reading everything of L’Engle’s I could get my hands on, as well as reading (and rereading) my beloved favorites to my kids. I actually only read the original 3, as a kid, and was thrilled to discover Many Waters and An Acceptable Time as an adult.

If all of this is speaking to you, I have excellent news. Today at Amazon you can snag the Kindle version of The Crosswicks Journals for just $2.26! Think of these as the adult-version think-about-stuff companions to the books we loved as kids. I’ve read A Circle of Quiet (and loved it) but somehow missed the other three, so I can’t wait to dig in. Big thanks to my friend Amy for spotting this deal early this morning! I grabbed it and now I’m suggesting you do the same.

Related: If you have children and you somehow don’t own a Wrinkle in Time Quintet Boxed Set, get on that. Seriously.

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Is it time to head to Kohls? Of course!

Is it ever a bad time to head to Kohls? Probably not, but during alllllll the coupons and sales is definitely the best time, and that time is right now.

Of course it goes without saying, by now, that you should have a Kohls card. If you do, use coupon code BBQ30 through July 23rd for 30% off your entire order, plus coupon code FREE4JULY for free shipping on any size order. There’s tons of Door Busters available on the web site, and everyone earns $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 spent.

No Kohls card? Who are you?? Okay, spend more money if you like, weirdo. You can use coupon code SAVE15 for an additional 15% off, anyway, and you’ll get automatic free shipping on $75+. Also anyone can stack code HOME10 for an additional $10 off a $50+ qualifying home goods purchase.

(Pro tip: Have a kid going off to college and you’re just now finishing dorm shopping? There are tons of good bedding/bath deals in the Door Busters, including their Big One gel memory foam pad, which I highly recommend.)

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Glue sticks for years (well, days, anyway)

Helloooooo! I went on a trip this week and basically completely missed Prime Day. That’s sad, right? It really wasn’t, though. I got to see a bunch of cool stuff and eat a ton of amazing food and I got to hang out with my husband while doing all of those things, so I think I came out ahead.

Anyway, now that I’m back, I’m over here laughing about how I will never again need to buy an entire case of Elmer’s glue sticks—hooray for college kids, who instead apparently need tuition and grocery money, but hey, at least they don’t need glue sticks—but if you do, you should buy those ones I linked at Amazon, because you can get a case of 30 for $7.88 shipped, right now.

Buy them for all your kids. Buy them for the neighbor’s kids. Buy them for your favorite teacher. It doesn’t really matter; if someone will use them, you’d be hard-pressed to find them for less. And as we all know, only Elmer’s will do.

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Prime Day is coming

Heads up, my pretties! Amazon’s big Christmas-in-July event, Prime Day, begins at 9:00 pm tonight, and that means a whole host of daily and lightning deals, but you’ll have to be vigilant to snap up the best ones.

Don’t currently have Prime? You can sign up for a free trial if you’ve never had one, or (this is newish, I think) if you’ve had it before you can opt to pay for a month for $10.99, which—depending on tomorrow’s deals—might be worth the cost.

I am ready. Honestly ever since they increased the number of daily Lightning Deals it’s been like a daily Where’s Waldo of steals. Kind of like, “Saw this yesterday… why do they keep listing this… who on earth buys that… OH WAIT that’s 50% off a thing I really use!” Etc. Here’s to tonight and tomorrow bringing us lots of lovely deals….

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Sur La Table? Sure thing!

If you love all things Sur La Table except when it comes to their retail prices (*coughcoughinsanitycough*), get over to Spring post haste—in addition to literally thousands of other great markdowns, they’ve got hundreds of Sur La Table discounts happening right now.

Shipping and returns are always free, so it’s a zero risk expedition.

This is the perfect time to either treat yourself to something you couldn’t afford, before, or to pick up some wedding and/or housewarming gifts and look like a much bigger spender than you actually are. Or both! Either way.

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Time to stock up at Children’s Place

Ready to stock up for next year, or your kiddo had a growth spurt this summer? Assuming your kids are small(ish) (read: not adult-sized), get on over to Children’s Place right now to enjoy 80% off all the Clearance and 50% off everything else. Plus shipping is free on every order, so whether you buy a little or a lot, you’re saving. While we all know they have tons of sales, this particular one is a today-only deal.

I see that they finally extended their sizes so that you can go all the way up to size 16—they didn’t have that when mine were little, so enjoy it now. There’s no cheaper place to pick up the basics the kids need. Basically this store is the only reason I miss my kids still being little.

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Welcome back to regular post-holiday life

Did you have a long weekend? Was it awesome? I wandered off and did things like… spend time with my husband. And it turns out I really like that guy. Yay!

But now the fireworks are over, taking with them my excuse to eat potato chips all day long, too. (*sob*)

How will I soothe my soul, now? How do I get back to “normal” without feeling bitter about having to do normal things like work and cook dinner? Oh—Target has me covered, actually. They’ve got the July Beauty Box up, and for just $7 delivered I can get $30 worth of cool products, which eases the sting of the aforementioned lack of potato chips.

There’s headwraps, there’s fun masques, there’s all kinds of stuff. Go get one before they sell out. It might not cure what ails you, but you should probably check, right?

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