Day 1 Big Prize Week Winner (Collector’s Hess Truck)

Did today’s contest for the 50th anniversary edition Hess Truck get you psyched and ready for a fabulous week of prizes? I hope it did. Also, how cool is it that they’re already in their 50th year?? (Related: I am old.)

Anyway. I regret that I only have one truck to give, but keep in mind that you can go purchase either the collector’s edition truck set or the regular 2014 offering online, if you don’t have local Hess stations. It’s not as great as winning, I’ll grant you, but at least you can obtain your own Hess fix if necessary.

Without further ado, the winner of today’s awesome Hess truck is… commenter 87, Lisa. Congratulations, Lisa—please check your email! I’ll be sending this fabulous prize your way ASAP.

Big thanks to all who played, and special thanks to our generous friends at Hess and their helper elves at Goodman Media for supplying the prize.

Didn’t win this one? Don’t fret! There’s another chance to win coming up tomorrow morning. We’re just getting started.

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40% off sweaters, today only

If you’re feeling chilly, head over to the Target website today; as they continue with their deals leading up to Black Friday, one of today’s featured deals is 40% off all sweaters.

Right now every order ships for free, too, which is awesome. I have seriously been doing things like ordering a single pair of socks at a time, just because I can. (Okay, that sounds worse than I mean it to. I mean that when I’m doing 100 things at once and I can’t sit and shop for an extended period of time, I can go ahead and order something I know I want before it sells out, without having to try to get my shopping cart up to the free shipping minimum.)

Shutting up, now. Gotta go shop for some sweaters.

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It’s already Black Friday at Kohls

Why wait until the end of the week to get your once-a-year deals on? No need—Black Friday deals and bonuses are already live at Kohls, so you can shop now and relax on Friday.

Everyone gets $15 (not a typo; once a year it’s $15 instead of $10) Kohls Cash for every $50 spent, and everyone gets free shipping on $50+, and everyone can save an additional 15% with coupon code THANKS1236. There’s tons of deals already up, and I am seriously considering buying “ugly Christmas sweater” t-shirts for my children, which means the shopping delirium has set in early, this year. (Don’t worry! I’ll push through it.)

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2014 Big Prize Week Day 1: Collector’s Edition Hess Truck

This contest post will stay at the top of the page from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Eastern on Monday, November 24th, 2014. Read on to find out about today‚Äôs prize and enter to win! (more…)

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Stock up for your New Year’s Resolutions

Sure, right now life is all about fun (pie) and family (more pie) and togetherness (and also pie), but eventually January is going to arrive and you’re going to take stock of your life choices and decide that surely your bathroom scale is broken, because really, did you eat that much pie? (I am speaking from experience.)

Point is, eventually you’re going to head back to the gym, and when you do, you might want some new gear to keep you inspired. It’s not as good as pie, but it’ll have to do. Right now, Reebok is offering an additional 40% off nearly everything on the site—there are some exclusions, but I couldn’t find any on the already-marked-down stuff I was looking at—and shipping and returns are free, too. Just apply coupon code HOLIDAY.

This is also a great way to scoop up those crazy-expensive sneakers the kids think they have to have. Go ahead, take care your yourself and let the kids think you splurged.

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Are you ready for Black Friday week??

Alright, my darlings, that very special time of year is nearly here. I’m watching the Amazon Lightning Deals like a hawk (you should be, too) and I spent my morning going through closets. Why? That’s where I squirrel away 1) stocking stuffers for my family and 2) goodies for Big Prize Week here at Want Not. When I was done, I had discovered a few things I’m pretty sure I bought last year and forgot to give my kids (oops!) and also my oldest surveyed the stash of generously donated prizes for next week and said, “Man, your readers are lucky.”

If you’re new ’round these parts—or if my recent decreased posting due to that whole Real Job™ thing has you worried that I won’t be repeating years past—buckle in for a week of me playing Santa. This is, bar none, my favorite week of the year, and just a small way I like to give back to all of you for hanging around here with me.

Here’s what you need to know:
1) Every day next week, beginning on Monday, November 25th, I will be holding a random drawing for a spectacular prize (or two, who knows).
2) Each prize post will go up at 8:00 a.m. Eastern time and be open for entry (via a comment) until 8:00 p.m. Eastern that evening. I will determine the winner(s) each evening via my my handy-dandy plugin winner-picker and announce and notify.
3) Every giveaway is governed by the contest rules and regulations which basically boil down to “this is supposed to be fun, don’t be a jerk about it.”
4) If you haven’t been around for previous Big Prize Weeks, there are certain types of items I tend to offer every year, and the week will consist of a variety of items, culminating in a Really Big Prize on Black Friday, because that’s how I roll. [Bonus: This year I will also be offering a Cyber Monday prize giveaway thanks to a very cool and generous prize donation.]
5) Additionally, I do nothing on Black Friday except park myself here at the computer and post deals for about 16 hours, because I would rather be eaten by a python than brave the stores on Black Friday. If you want great deals but don’t want to leave the house, plan to join me. I’ll hook you up.

Are you ready? I’m excited!

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And here’s a Tab tip

I offer this with the caveat that I know nothing about this unit, personally, but it does seem to be very highly rated among folks who like Android tablets. Alert reader Katie just emailed me to say that she’s been price-stalking the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and it just dropped to $230 at Amazon (its lowest price ever). That’s in white; you’ll pay more for the black.

If you’re in the market, that definitely seems like the price to beat. Thanks for the tip, Katie! You’re looking ravishing today!

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Today’s the day for bedding deals

In addition to running free shipping as a holiday bonus, Target has started running daily specials, too. Today it’s 40% off bedding!

Maybe you don’t need bedding for gifts, but, um, just for instance, say you got into bed the other night and put your fingers right through a tear in the top sheet you didn’t know was there. Maybe it’s time for new sheets, then. I mean, theoretically. (Also, theoretically, maybe you should not be letting the dog with super-sharp teeth sleep in your bed. Just sayin’.)

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It’s The Body Shop time!

Whether you love their products, yourself (for me, it’s the Tea Tree Oil masque and face wash as necessities, and the body butters as luxury), or need gifts, now’s the time to scoop it all up at The Body Shop—just about everything is 40% off (and some stuff is actually 50% off).

Um, hello chocomania lip butter…. (Stocking stuffers!)

Shipping is free on $50+. Not that I’ve ever had a problem getting to $50 there….

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The final frontier (of book nerdery)

If you have a Star Trek aficionado on your gift list, run, don’t walk, to grab this Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years hardcover gift set for just $19.99 at Amazon right now.

The list price is supposedly $100. That’s a bit overblown, but before today it was regularly selling for around $60, so that’s still about 66% off.

You get the book (geeky) along with a pedestal display with lights and sounds (super geeky), as well as an envelope containing 5 removable artifacts (ultra-geeky). For the die-hard Trekkie, this volume is a must.

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