It’s Beauty Box time again

Hellooooooo! My child is home from the hospital and things are slowly improving and also I can sleep when I’m dead, right? Right.

But assuming that you haven’t been living a life dedicated to trying to keep a sick and cranky teenager comfortable for the last couple of weeks, maybe you’re thinking about deals. Say, the wonderful bargain of a Target Beauty Box?

Here you go: Right now you can snag the June Beauty Box and/or the Father’s Day Edition Beauty Box over at Target—both will cost you just $7 apiece, with the former being a $32 value and the latter being a $24 value.

The best part is that the regular one comes with those weird face masque sheets that makes you look like you’re wearing someone else’s skin. That’s a bargain at any price. (Did I mention I’m sort of tired? I am.)

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You go Woot, I’ll sit here

We are on day 4 in the hospital, and this morning I said something to my daughter and she said, “How about you just let me have mono in peace?” In other words, the sass seems to be returning, which makes me hopeful that she may be sprung soon. In the meantime, I am spending a lot of time here fluffing pillows and feeling generally useless.

But you probably do not have a cranky teenager in the hospital, which means you are free to go check out today’s Woot-Off in peace. They’ll be Wooting off all day at Woot, Home.Woot, Electronics.Woot, Computers.Woot, Tools.Woot, Fashion.Woot, Sport.Woot, Kids.Woot, Shirt.Woot, and Wine.Woot (motto: suddenly super appealing when you’ve spent the last few days sitting in the hospital) (I may be projecting with that just a little bit).

Remember that you’ll pay a flat $5 for shipping on your first order, then you’re free to shop all day and you won’t have to pay shipping again.

Also note that it’s fairly unusual for Shirt.Woot to be included in the Woot-Off, and that means it’s an excellent day to outfit your favorite nerd (or family of nerds). I’m pretty sure about 70% of my son’s shirts at this point are from Woot.

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A deal my kid would love if… well, funny story

Okay, so, hi! How are you? Life has been pretty uneventful, here. I mean, my youngest graduated from high school and my parents came for graduation right when it appeared my daughter had gotten the flu—and that was terrifying because I didn’t want my folks to get sick—but hey, good news! Turns out my daughter has mono, and since her grandparents don’t spend a lot of time making out with her, I think they’re safe. But the bad news is that apparently mono can make you really, really sick, so now my kid is in the hospital. Which means I’m in the hospital! Hello from the land of terrible coffee!

(It’s fine. Everything’s fine. She’s finally a little better and we are hoping she’ll be sprung soon.)

Anyway, I hope you will forgive me for abandoning you. I was a little busy.

Now that I’ve had a shower and grabbed my laptop, I am of course guilt-shopping for said kid who is totally miserable. So here: Charlotte Russe is currently offering 20-50% off everything, plus free shipping on every order. My daughter loves their stuff, and it’s a lot more fashionable than the gown she’s currently wearing. Most of it even provides more coverage in the back than said gown, too. Worth a look if you have teen/college-aged young ladies who like trendy clothes (and you like reasonable prices).

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Pick up those essentials, from home

Full disclosure: I very, very rarely venture into our local Dollar General, as it seems to rival even That Big Box Store Everyone Hates as the number one destination for people to come beat their children. But sometimes I need a particular thing and know it will be cheaper there than anywhere else, and then I go, and I try to get in and out of there as quickly as I can.

But today, that’s all changed. Today (Monday, May 15th) only, go shop Dollar General online and you can skip the screaming toddlers, plus you can use coupon code MAYDAYSAVE for 20% off and free shipping on any size order. Hooray!

Will I leisurely stock up on toilet paper, deodorant, and other household necessities? I will. Will I have to watch anyone smack their kid? I will not.

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Do you need a ton of Twizzlers?

Okay, maybe need is a strong word. As is ton, in this context. Let me start again.

Do you want 9 pounds of Twizzlers? Yes? You’re in luck! Amazon has 9 pounds of Twizzlers available for just $10.68, which is already kind of ridiculously cheap, but if you want to add it to your Subscribe & Save orders and get up to 5+ items, it’ll come down to just $9.08.

Listen, I understand that this is a lot of Twizzlers; I do. I also know that maybe you have some teacher gift opportunities coming up and some teachers like Twizzlers. What’s more, I know that college students love them and having a giant bag of Twizzlers in your room is maybe a good way to make friends. Just sayin’. And for whatever it’s worth, I sent my oldest off to college last year with a giant tub of Red Vines, and was later informed that Red Vines are inferior to Twizzlers. Look at me, learning from my mistakes.

(I have 9 pounds of Twizzlers coming, okay? Don’t judge me.)

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Kids & Baby Sale, but no kids or babies for sale

I have long loved to joke whenever there’s a kid/baby sale that “I don’t see any actual babies for sale,” and apparently my kid has picked up on my terrible sense of humor.

This morning when I saw that Old Navy is having a Kids & Baby sale right now, I mused aloud that—given just how much cheaper “boys” clothes are than “mens,” and given that my not-terribly-big high school senior is only just outgrowing his size 18 shorts—perhaps I could buy some 18 Husky shorts and get away with that for him?

He told me that was a terrible idea, and I was all set to explain that surely no one is going to look at the tags in his shorts, when he continued, “18 huskies is a ridiculous number of dogs that large. Really, one or two would be plenty.”

(We’ll be here all week, folks. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.)

Free shipping on your $25+ order with coupon code FREESHIP, plus code MAY saves you 40% on top of sale prices. Go get the deals if your kids are still wearing kid sizes.

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If you haven’t yet snagged a Sonicare deal…

… today may just be the day to pull the trigger.

As part of their Deals of the Day, today Best Buy is offering various colors of the Sonicare Series 2 Rechargeable for just $39.99, and then if you apply coupon code TWOSERIES10, you’ll save another $10. Shipping is free, or you can pick up at your local store if you want it faster.

For comparison: The same model is averaging a 4.5-star rating with over 4,500 reviews at Amazon, where the price is also currently $39.99, but without that extra coupon.

I bought electric toothbrushes for my teens just so I could stop wondering if they were doing a good job brushing. Totally worth it.

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Nobody get little kids like Melissa & Doug

Man, I miss the days of going to Target and picking up Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch stuff on clearance and watching my kids lose their minds to receive a bucket or a shovel with a bug face on it. Now they’re all “I need a new iPhone” and “please make this college payment that’s due” because they’re jerks. (Or semi-adults. Whatever.)

If you still have little ones—or little ones to buy for—there’s a few great Melissa & Doug deals at Amazon right now. Grab the Deluxe Pound and Roll Wooden Tower Toy With Hammer for just $7.63 (lowest price ever), the Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Bowling Set for just $9.42 (a little higher than the lowest-ever price, but still about half off, plus they have a “Used – Like New” one through Warehouse Deals that’s a little cheaper, even), or the Wooden Tool Belt Set for $11.03 (lowest price ever). Each of these is guaranteed to delight any small-person recipient, with the added bonus that if you aren’t so fond of that recipient’s parents, the pounding tower is probably pretty loud.

(Not that I’ve ever given a child a gift just because I thought it would drive their parents insane. Heavens, no. Listen, I’m sure you’re a better person than I am, and I’m just pointing out some deals.)

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Friends & Family time at Eddie

I’m all over the discounts at Eddie Bauer, anyway, but when they have some great markdowns and a big coupon? I can’t resist.

Right now shop anything and everything and take an additional 40% off with coupon code FAMILY40. It even works on the Clearance and other markdowns. Maybe instead of another mug, you could give out Stasher Totes for end-of-year teacher gifts this year…? Or maybe you’re planning your next adventure and want to scoop up some deals on their Stowaway Packables? (I’m pretty sure they’re even cheaper now than when they had their last sale.) Whatever you need, it’s hard to argue with an extra 40% off.

Shipping is automatically free on $99+, or on $25+ if you have Shoprunner. Happy hunting!

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Today’s a good day for Vera

Lovely reader Renee recently asked me if she’d “missed” some sort of clearance at Vera Bradley, as she remembered a sale around this time last year that didn’t seem to be happening now. This prompted me to actually pay attention to what’s happening over there, and so now I can say: Go! Shop! Today (Tuesday, April 25th)!

All Sale items are reduced an additional 40% in your bag, plus today they’re offering free shipping on every single order! That means it’s a perfect time to pick up little somethings for the female graduates in your life, and avoid the shipping charge or a purchase minimum.

I’m off to shop….

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