The whole fruit, and nothing but the fruit

Hello! For better or for worse, I am ordering a lot of things from Amazon lately. It means I don’t have to go out, and because I have Prime, stuff arrives fast. Also I have been spending my coronavirus vacation (hahahaha*sob*) baking and sewing and sitting and eating, so I am now looking for some healthier snack options on account of many of my pants appear to have shrunk lately. It’s a mystery!

I just bought this 48-pack of Stretch Island fruit leather for $8.58, because 1) that’s the cheapest it’s ever been and 2) it’s nothing but fruit, with no added sugar. Also 3) I’m hungry.

Anyway, thought that one was worth sharing if you’re looking for some not-so-terrible-for-you, shelf-stable snacking.

Where I’ve been

Hello! Long time no post, I know. And in the meantime, there’s been… *gestures broadly* all of this stuff going on.

I wanted to check in briefly to kind of let y’all know what’s up. Basically, when coronavirus started running rampant, I had a very difficult time caring in the slightest about a good online sale on small kitchen electrics or whatever, you know? I was pitched several collaborations in the last few months—paid opportunities—all of which highlighted deals I personally believed to be really irrelevant and tone-deaf for the current reality, and so I turned them down. I have never, and will never, shill stuff here simply for my own gain. It’s just not my bag. Now that life is sort of leveling out, retail has taken a huge hit (obviously) and many of the merchants previously paying a small commission to those of us who linked to them are either vastly reducing those amounts or discontinuing those relationships entirely. That means the business model Want Not was built upon… no longer exists. At some point I’ll have to decide what that means for the future of this site, but I’m not making any decisions on that just yet.

While I haven’t been here, I’ve been making face masks, because it turns out that I need to Do Something and that was a Something I could do. My kid taught me how to use her sewing machine and 600-something masks later, I’ve gotten pretty good at it—I’ve upgraded machines and donated most of my masks here in my community and mailed others all over the U.S. (and even some overseas). If you/your family need masks and either cannot afford them or would like to acquire them in a way that will also give back (any donations I receive go back into supplies for the masks I donate), hit me up. I will make sure anyone who needs a mask can get one.

My family is safe and well (for which we are very grateful), but it sure does feel a lot of the time lately like many are not and we’re on the precipice of some much-needed change. We’re still figuring out our roles in that change, and having a lot of hard conversations around here, and it’s uncomfortable and depressing and utterly necessary. I hope you and yours are well, and I hope you are planning to vote this November.

While you’re stocking up…

… and possibly preparing for a quarantine or “isolation” or whatever you’d like to call it, don’t forget to make sure you have some family fun available so you don’t end up eating your offspring. Might I suggest the tabletop game Mysterium, which you probably don’t already have but is a super fun 2-7 player game? It’s highly rated and Amazon is currently selling it for $25.88 (half price!), its lowest price there to date. It’s for ages 10+ and I especially like that it’s a cooperative game, where everyone loses or wins, together. Check it out.

(Notice I am not suggesting you hoard toilet paper. Ahem.)

Calling all gluten-free pancake lovers

Listen; if you know me, you know I make most food from scratch, but that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally like a shortcut. King Arthur Flour gluten-free pancake mix is my favorite GF box mix and right now Amazon has a 6-pack available for just $11.60 shipped (or less when you buy via Subscribe & Save). That’s way cheaper than my supermarket, and aren’t we all supposed to be stocking up for this pandemic or something, anyway?

Plus my lazy (supposedly adult) kid loves this stuff and would never make pancakes from scratch. It’s a win all around.

When you need a little treat

I bought these the last time they were on sale like this, and may have audibly gasped when I saw they were on special again.

Amazon has their Dove 18-pack of 100-calorie milk chocolate bars currently on sale for $4.50 (free shipping with Prime). Even better, you can opt to order via Subscribe & Save and save another 5% (but, more importantly, it can help get your monthly total up for better savings on other items). They won’t ship until they’re back in stock, but at that price, who cares? I love having a small candy bar option around when only chocolate will do.

You know I’m there for shoes

Love shoes? You’re in luck! Today (Tuesday, February 5-millionth, erm, I mean, 25th) (it just feels like February has been 5 million days long already…) only, Macy’s is having a huge flash sale on shoes, with many already-reduced prices reducing up to a further 75% when you apply coupon code FLASH. Sure, it’s mostly winter stuff, but that’s never stopped me before. So what if I put ’em away for next year? A deal’s a deal. (Actually I just stumbled across a bunch of sandals, too. Woo!)

Shipping is automatically free on your $75+ order, or you can ship to your local store for pickup for free. Personally, with deals like this I won’t have any problem hitting the minimum….

Get your (value) charge on

With the caveat that this is a slower charger than most–it charges the batteries in 4-8 hours vs. some of the newer chargers which can do a full charge in just a couple of hours–this Duracell battery charger and 4 AA batteries bundle is definitely worth the current price at Amazon of just $8.76. It’s also (weirdly) available on Subscribe & Save, which means you can save up to another 15%, making it just $7.45 shipped if you have Prime, which is worth it for the batteries alone even if you never once use the charger.

This is about half the regular price, and a great way to convert more of your batteries to rechargeables (if you haven’t already).

Don’t get eaten

Maybe it’s because the husband and I recently watched The Meg (a modern-ish take on Jaws, a wonderfully terrible shark movie I highly recommend if you like terrible movies), but I am delighted to see this Ravensburger Jaws Board Game on sale at Amazon for just $12 shipped if you have Prime. For one thing, obviously a Jaws board game is going to be hilarious, and for another, everything Ravensburger makes is awesome (this game has an average 4.5 star rating). The regular price is $30, and this is the lowest price it’s ever been at Amazon.

This game also qualifies for a 3 for 2 promotion they’re currently running, so go ahead and pick two more items from that assortment or just buy three of these to stock up your gift closet (what a thoughtful birthday party gift, a game about a killer shark). What?

I hope this isn’t a bad sign

My eternal love for all things Lands’ End is well-documented here on the site, and so I am both thrilled and a little worried about the sale they’re having today. On the one hand, yessssss, I absolutely will take coupon code SNOWBANK for 40% off everything on the site (even clearance items!) and free shipping (man, they never do free shipping with these)… but on the other, I hope this isn’t a sign that they’re not doing well. You okay, Lands’ End?

Wanna really look like a big shot? Go stock up on fleece throw blankets—they’ve got solids and prints marked down to $10, so they’re just $6 with the coupon, plus they ship for free. Boom, a whole bunch of holiday gifts for next season, done. I won’t tell anyone that you got them for 80% off regular retail.

Get your beauty in a flash

Woohoo, Macy’s is having a flash sale on Beauty items today only (Thursday, January 23rd), and the deals are not to be missed if this is your jam—they’ve got everything from scrunchies to face masks to stuff that almost never goes on sale (think Clinique, Murad, Tarte, etc.). There’s too many deals to detail, but you should go check it out for yourself. Some of these deeply discounted items even come with free gifts!

Shipping is free on $25+, or you can opt to pick up at your local store for free.

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